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starting ICSI? how much longer?

hi ladies and gents,

DH and i have our app at the hospital on 8th march, this is the furthest we've ever got in regards to the process for icsi.

i've already had the referral app, and had day 2-5 bloods and also a hystia-something-graph.we had to wait till i was 23 (9 Feb) before we were elidgeble for treatment.

but what happens now?

how long till we go to the ICSI consultant??? i know each process is different but what are your experiences??? how many app did you have? i'm really stressing that its going to be ages yet.

need advice ladies xxx love stacey


  • hi there!

    We just got back from our appointment at hospital yesterday where we saw consultant. . He s ref US for ivf which is great. . I got to pick my clinic of choice. . Then he said takes bout three weeks to sort funding at primary care trust then they write km your clinic which should be six weeks give or take? So not long at all im big picture. I understand others will be different. . But i keep thinking that's one step closer! Good luck keep im touch x x
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