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clomid question can anyone advise me

Im taking my round of clomid first tablets last night for 5 days taking them on days 2 - 6 when should i expect to ovulate

has anyone fallen on there first round of 100mg


  • Mrsfarrer, I have ov'd anywhere from CD12 to CD22 [don't know what happened that month!] on Clomid. I suggest OPK from CD8 or 9. I've been on 50mg the last three cycles [for IUI] and I'm on the 2ww now so can't enlighten you about people who have got their BFP first time on 100mg but I'm sure there's always a chance. Good luck.
  • thanks im not good with all the abreviations what does cd and 2ww mean sorry
  • CD is cycle day and 2ww is the two week wait [after ovulation and before your period arrives].
  • mrsfarrer1 There isn't a particular day you are expected to ovulate on - it would be great if there was though!. There is a thread in the section Long Term TTC & Infertility called Clomid TTC Thread....why not come and join us image
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