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Hi Ladies,

Has anyone finally had success after trying either Reflexology or DuoFertility?

We've been TTC our second for over 2 years now (conceived daughter on first try!) and after wasting ??3k on fertility treatment I am hoping one of these might be more successful (and cheaper) than IVF. btw I'm 33 and all tests have shown nothing wrong with either of us.



  • Myself and OH are in our early 20's and had been trying for 18months and have our first appt with the fertility clinic in May (originally was in march but was cancelled 3times so we've kept it just incase) when I decidided that I would go for reflexology and 2 months later we got our BFP.

    I'm not sure if it was definatly that or just the fact that i was alot more relaxed in general but you should definatly give it a go

    Good luck and sending you lots and lots of baby dust

  • Hello,

    Im thinking about trying reflexology i am also in my 20s and been trying nearly 3 years with no luck image But loads of older women that are friends with my mum women in there 40s have tried reflexology and they have fallen pregnant. Its because it relaxs you and releases stress aswell as simulating the reproductive organs. I would say give it a try i no i certainly am going to image

    Do you no how many times a month you have to have it?

  • Hi Lu,

    You've been trying for 3 years - have you seen your GP yet? It doesn't matter that you're young, if you've been trying for more than a year then it's advisable to have a few tests. The initial ones would be blood tests for you and Semen Analysis (SA) for him.

    But regarding reflexology, I believe I had 4 weekly sessions and now monthly. It is very relaxing and enjoyable. Fingers crossed it works.

    Good luck to you x
  • I had reflexology alongside my 4th IVF attempt and hey presto I had a baby boy 17 mths ago now, after 13years of treatments etc. Convinced it did the trick also had hypnotherapy which again helped. X
  • roberjl,

    Your situation sound v. similar to mine. We have one DS conceived in second month of trying and have now been ttc#2 for two years. We have had a barrage of tests and we are unexplained. We self-funded three goes at Clomid/IUI with no success and have been told to try IVF which is just too expensive. I have been having acupuncture for three months and the only thing I think I have gained from it is that AF does not stay around for as long as it used to.

    I'm also wondering whether the Duofertility monitor is worth a shot. Especially after my manager went to a entrepreneurs' seminar recently where the inventor was the guest speaker and boasted of getting thousands of women pregnant. But it's still ??500! This is a substantial amount given that I have already spent money on conception multivits for two years, the CBFM plus sticks for over a year, IUI x 3 and acupuncture ... the industry has already gained so much from poor desperate women like me. Saying that, I'd still like to hear some genuine succcess stories.
  • Hi Bubblicious,

    Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear you've been through so much to conceive your 2nd.

    I've just completed my first full cycle with DF. It's fairly easy to use and although at first I was expecting the sensor to be smaller I now have to check it's still there as I hardly notice it now.

    I'm trying not to get my hopes up and I wonder whether it could really make a difference anyway seeing as I've already tried ovulation induction and OPKs but they really do sell it well and I've got it on the ??495 guarantee offer (money back if not pregnant in 12 months). Plus I figured ??500 wasn't much in comparison to the rest we've spent.

    I would also like to hear some real success stories which is why I started this thread but none yet for DF.

    Have you been watching Britain's Best Thing on BBC2 Tuesdays? DF has featured on this to show how they started selling in Boots. So far I've not learned anything new but last week Boots said they wanted proof of success so they might show something in the next two weeks.

    I had read of success stories with reflexology and was hoping this might have helped me by now but no but it is an enjoyable relxing hour even if it takes a while or doesn't work.
  • Just to let you know, I read in the paper on Fri (I think) that Boots are launching a 'money back guarantee' on DF if you aren't pregnant in 12 months x
  • Yes that is right for Reflexology at London. I found this forum by google search. So I joined here. Because I gave my father a few Reflexology treatments while we were both on holidays in South Africa, visiting my sister. Of course he loved the idea of having his feet massaged especially by his daughter whom he had not seen for a couple of years.
  • Just wanted to say on the reflexology bit....amazing!!

    I truly believe that is what got me pregnant. After 2 years of ttc ( i do have pcos ) i wasn't having periods. Went for my first session then a week later had my first natural period in almost a year! Then another 37 days later.....then waited for the next AF and she did not arrive!! I was Pregnant!!!

    Had my scan a few weeks ago and all well. I truly truly believe i would still be ttc if i hadn't had reflexology.

    I would suggest you make sure you find a good reflexologist, as if they aren't very good you won't be affected by the treatment as they aren't doing it properly. I winged mine as i live in a pretty small place and she was one of i think 2 close by! But she did the job!!!

    So id defo say to give it a go for about 6 months. Before you try anything more invasive.

    Good luck xxxxx
  • Hiya, I would defo recommend reflexology. I have it twice a month for half an hour each time just concentrating on reproducative bits. If I could afford I would have an hour cos its great! Ive got pregnant twice since having reflexology (unfortunately MC both), luckily I have a little boy. The lady that does it has a 100% success rate in getting ladies pregnant. One lady had 3 IVF attempts which failed and she got pregnant with reflexology. I really do think it works. I would say thought make sure you use someone that has experience of working with ladies trying to get pregnant and find out her success rate. As well, not sure what tests you have had done but why dont you have a HSG? Thats suppose to help with fertility. xx
  • Hi all,

    Thank you for your responses. It is good to know that Reflexology works for some women and perhaps I should just try to be more positive.

    Faye - I will definitely have for 6 months before I stop, in fact I think it will be 6 months before Christmas which is when I was thinking of stopping.

    Lisa - I have had HSG which apparently showed everything was fine and didn't bring us any luck (think I had that over a year ago now). x
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