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2nd cycle of IVF - no blastocysts

Hello! I was on here a long time ago, under TTC. I had a long break, and tried to distance myself from all things baby. However, we decided to try IVF. I hope you are all well, I didn't recognise any names from LTTTC.

Well - here's my story, wondered if anyone had any advice, or shared same experience?

We first tried IVF last August and we had 12 EC, and 7 fertilised. They were doing so well at day 3, they couldn't choose, and so recommended taking them to blastocyst. Needless to say, day 5 came around, and no blastocyst. At day 6 I had a morula, which had become a blastocyst just before transfer. It was unsuccessful and me and my DH were devasted. Again we decided to leave it.

However, we have tried again. I had 10 good quality EC last Monday, at day 3, 6 were doing really well, they rec going to day 5 again. And again, we had the call yesterday to say none had done much. 2 had made a little effort, and did we want to wait til day 6 and see. We opted to put back the 2, we're not very hopeful.

When I said we would try a cycle again, we were told not to, and to have more tests - what on I'm thinking? We were tested before we began?! image

I'm going mad thinking, well maybe it will work, when I know it probably won't, and what more testing there could be, and how much more delay there will be.

Sorry to rant on, no-one to talk to, as after the first time went wrong, we never told anyone about this time!



  • Sorry to hear things aren't going so well for you at the min. I don't have any advice as I haven't got to the answers stage of our fertility investigations yet. I'm sure someone will be along soon that will be more helpful.

    Just wanted to send you a virtual hug ((hug)) and you never know things could turn in your favour xx
  • Hi!

    Sorry you're going through such a stressful time at the moment and hope your transfer is successful.

    You might get some more advice and answers to your questions if you post on the following site as the girls/ladies have a wealth of knowledge and advice. I'd probably post on the general forum.

    I know some of the girls there have had immune issues and had blood tests done to see if their genetic make up is similar to their partners. Also some of the girls produce high natural killer cells (so their body destroys any embryo as it sees them as "foreign") Some have also been on drugs to improve blood flow to the uterus.

    Hope you get some answers...

    Alison x
  • Thankyou both so much for replying, and Alison - I will try that other site too. It just feels better having talked about it!

    Hope you are both ok?
  • Morning image

    I know what you mean about talking, asking questions and trying to get answers. Knowledge is key! Have the clinic given any possibilities why your embryo's are failing to make it to blast? Maybe if you could speak to the embryologist directly he/she could give you a better explanation?

    I'm great thanks, we had ICSI at Northampton Care fertility (after looking at clinic success rates and speaking to several people) in sep 2009 (2 grade 2, day 2 embryo's transferred) and had baby boy Joshua June 2010.

    Really hoping this is a successful cycle for you,

    Alison xx
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