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devastated-sad news



  • Hi boooey, so sorry about ur sad new but really pleased that they are giving u another go. I'll keep everything crossed for you xx
  • Booey, I'm so pleased they're giving you another go! its fantastic news. Enjoy this 3 month break, good luck hunni. Really hope the new drugs suit you.

  • hi booey

    sorry not replied to this till now, i was subscribed to your other thread but havent seen this one. Suddenly thought about you and came on to see if any news.

    Obviously not the news you hoped for, desperately sorry hun, but pleased there's a small positive in you being given another go. Hopefully from what you and others have said, it was just one of those things as they are doing very artificial things to your eggs and not a sign of your fertility.

    Can't tell you how hard my fingers and toes are crossed for a baby booey from the next go. Lots of love xx
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