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Hi Everyone

Hope you are all keeping positive. I've not been on here for a while. Just waiting to start my third and final IUI after two failed attempts.

In the meantime we were referred for IVF, have completed the initial questionnaires and now have to wait to see if funding is approved. We come under Barnet PCT (Does anyone know anything about their funding criteria?) but will recieve treatment at Guy's (Does anyone have any experience with them?)

I understand that we will only get one attempt.

Well thats all, just an update from me really - it looks quite quiet in here at the moment - I hope for good reasons!

Sorry for any mistakes i'm using my phone.



  • HI there

    We are currently under Guys, but for PGD. Our PCT has approved 3 rounds. To be honest each PCT is different. If you look on your PCT's website then they should tell you. Do you use Fertility friends? There is a thread specifically for Guys on there, the ladies are lovely and are very welcoming.

    Good luck

    V xx
  • Hello Cuddels 78 

    Did you get a reply to your question?  I am under Barnet PCT and I had one failed cycle they refused to fund a further 2 cycles so I am appealing against this as the NHS reccomends 3 cycles?  What happened can you update? 

    Thanks Hope

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