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IVF Seminar - Confused - Please help?

Sorry did post this on part of another thread.

We will get a invitation in 2-3 weeks for a seminar on IVF which we have to do before we start our treatment. Can anyone tell me, do you sign the forms there?

When she explained it she said we go to a presentation, then fill out lots of forms and then they will prepare us for the IVF. But I'm confused as to when we have had the presentation, are we supposed to ring someone (no idea who) and say we still want to carry on with it, or do they contact us. or do we sort it all out at the presentation? If anyone who has done this already I will appreciate how you did it?

Will be at Oxford - if that helps?



  • Hi, we've something similar but for IUI next week. We have an appt with a nurse after it where we sign consent forms.
  • Hiya,

    We had the seminar a few weeks before our first consultation. At ours, we went along with lots of other people and watched the consulatant tells us all about IVF and the procedures they do at our particular clinic. Before the sit down we met the patient liason officers who took out weight and height measurements, took out pictures and check our passports to make sure we were who we said we were.

    After the talk (and slideshow) we were given a pack with lots of information in and a couple of forms. About a week or so later our first app came through when we went along and signed everything.

    The forms you are given basically go through what you want to do with your embryos, permission to use your eggs/sperm and all about you and your partner.

    It's all explained and makes you think really hard about things, we found anything we didn't get was discussed with us at the consulation.
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