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hello ladies... new to assisted conception... need some friends :(

hello girls, well as the title says myself and my fiance are on the verge of starting the IVF process, after ttc for a few years weve got to the route of the problem with SA .... anyhoo weve just been sent a letter asking for final bloods for hepititus HIV etc and that they want to freeze his sample for the future..... this is all absolutely brand new to me, it said on the letter that by agreeing to take the blood sample it could have life/insurance implications?? were both confused about this.....

we are due to go back to the consultant on the 13th september to be given our plan basically and it will be to start IVF.....

does anyone have any advice as to what to expect?.... im daunted by the whole process, we only get 1 free shot on the NHS and i am personally pinning all hopes on this one shot....

also if anyone can tell me the difference between ivf and icsi etc i would be greatful,,,,,

sorry if this makes for a confusing read but i myself am very confused by it all :cry:

also id like to make some buddies on here as i dont really feel i have anyone to talk to about this.... its quite a lonely time really. xx


  • Hey there!

    I will be your friend x Im also an ivf bod lol.

    Don't be scared honestly cos once you start it will be like second nature. Are you having the injections or spray?

    It is a big emotional roller coaster no doubt Im due to start second ivf. I think if you prepare your self right expecting maybe the odd obstacle should be ok. . We might be starting around similar times then!. . There not many side effects i personally had. Everyone different. Best advice i will say is take one stage at a time. Don't worry about what lies a head. . Easy to confuse your self and work your self up. . I did lol. You will get into a routine. Once you start to down reg time will fly before you no it your having your eggs whipped out lol. . Good luck any questions please ask x x
  • Oh yeah icsi is where they inject the sperm directly into the egg. And ivf is where they get sperm and egg in little dish and they hopefully meet each other by themselves i sure that's it ha ha x
  • Hiya booey how are you?

    Hiya Don I'm not quite at the icsi stage yet. Sorry for gate crashing your thread imageops:

    The letter you got saying about the blood test having an impact on life insurance, that would only be if you are found to be positive for hiv or hepatitus as these viruses are costly to treat(avoidable in most cases),lower life expectancy and mean that your insurance company would have to pay out more money than they'd ever want to... they'd most likely double insurance premiums too
  • Hi there, I noticed you question on another post about sperm freezing. My hubby has had to have a sample frozen as that seems to be the main cause of our infertility. We are having ICSI, I guess you are too? They told us it was in case, on the day, there was not enough of a good quality sperm, so I guess it is basically a back up plan.

    From the patients point of view, ICSI is exactly the same treatment. Its basically an add-on treatment if your problems lie on the blokes side. As booey said, following egg collection they inject the sperm directly into the egg, rather that sticking them in a dish and hoping they fertilise.

    I am guessing if you havent had your consultation yet you may not know whether it will be injections or spray. I think most clinics use injections. Don't worry, everything should beome a lot clearer after the consulation.

    Listen at me pretending I am a pro, this is my firt time and I don't have my first injection till Monday!

    Good luck everyone!
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