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TTC after surgery - anyone struggling?

Hey girls,

Just wanted to see if anyone has had similar experiences as me - feeling very alone right now

I am very lucky to have a beautiful 21 month old and very happy - but have been trying for a 2nd for almost a year and no luck - 0vulation tests seem to indicate that I haven't been ovulating every month.

After a very long and traumatic birth with my first (which ended in surgery to remove my placenta)

Then 9 months later I also then had an emergency surgery to remove my appendix.

I am scared that these 2 surgeries have damaged me in some way and thats why I haven't been able to conceive.

I recently had blood tests which showed a low level of progesterone and an ultra-sound which couldn't identify a problem.

Apparently the next step is 'further investigation' with the hospital but have to wait 6 weeks for an appointment and don't really know what will happen next.

Anyone experienced or know anything about this?



  • Hi Gnomie,

    I think you might be worth posting in the Long Term Trying to concieve forum, it is sometimes a bit busier there.

    I'm floating around here a little bit, as we're looking at ivf as our next option.

    As for your question. I don't have any experience of this situation, but perhaps your body is just still recovering from the surgery? Or it could be totally unrelated to that and you just have a simple hormone imbalance. There are plenty of straight-forward problems that we women can have, which gets in the way of conceiving, but can be easily remedied.

    Its positive that you're problems are being dealt with and I hope you get some answers soon xx
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