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clocks going back?

Hi girls,

I'm on my second cycle of ICSI, first attempt had a BFP but miscarried at 6 weeks. I am on the buserilin injections at the moment and always take it at 7.15 pm, does this mean today i take at 6.15 pm? I should have asked the clinic but didn't think of it, as it's Sunday they aren't open to call.

Thought someone might know, thanks xx


  • HI, yeah i would take it at 6:15. Purley because that would run at the same cycle. However, it's more important that when you take your meds it's at a time that is convienent to you. what did the clinic say?
  • Hiya, took it at 6.45, 6.15 is too early for me on a work day as don't get home till 6.30. linic said that was fine as only 30 mins difference. Going for down reg scan tomorrow. Thanks
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