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Problems with sperm morphology can anyone help?

Hi ladies we had the results of my DH's two SA results and both have come back showing low sperm morphology only 2% and 5% when we pushed the doctor she said it should b around 15%.

She didn't seem particularly concerned but reading online it means that only 2% and 5% of my hubby's sperm are a normal shape so I can't see how it's going to happen on its own.

DH has to do another SA now, I thought two would have been enough. The doctor has put us on the waiting list for an appointment at the fertility clinic which we've been told will take about 6 months and a further year to year and a half for any treatment. She said that I'm 'only 30' so older women will take priority' but I won't b pushed to the back of the queue!!!

So feeling really disheartened would like to know if anyone's DH has the same problem with morphology? Has anyone conceived naturally with it or has anyone got it and what assisted conception treatment you are having?

Reading online I've read people with this problem have ICSI with IVF so I'm going to start saving to go private otherwise I don't think it will ever happen with the NHS x
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