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Choosing an IVF clinic

(I posted this on the LTTTC board originally but it's probably more appropriate here - sorry for cross posting!)

We're being referred for IVF on the NHS and we've been given a list of clinics to choose from. We've narrowed it down to 2 in Sheffield (as these are most convenient for us to get to) and we're going to visit them next week.

Does anyone have any tips on questions to ask or things to look for, apart from whether we like the staff etc?

And for people with local knowledge, any recommedations between Jessop Wing at Sheffield Hospital and CARE Sheffield?



  • Hi Westergille

    I have also recently been referred for NHS funded IVF. Our doctor advised us that CARE have some of the best results in the country, hence us choosing them - only at Nottingham as this is closer to us. They have a good website you should check out.

    My sister had IVF/ICSI 3 years ago at CARE in Sheffield and got BFP Twins first time round, and highly recommends them.

    Hope this help

    Best of luck with your IVF journey

    Hollie xx
  • Hi westergille,

    You can look up both clinics on the website below.

    It is independent and will give you information of success rates at each clinic so you can do a comparison. Hope this helps x
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