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Starting IUI end of March/Early April

Hi Ladies,

We had a consultation at a private fertility clinic today and it went really well.

I'm having my HSG in March and hoping to start IUI the end of March/beginning of April - I'm so excited image

Has anyone got any tips when going through IUI? My only worry is that the success rates are pretty low but the clinic we are going to had a 30% success rate last year for under 35's so I'm keeping my FC that we're one of the lucky ones but just glad that we've got the option to try something else before jumping to IVF x


  • Hi loopy

    Glad to hear you are starting to get somewhere. Im doing ivf life now, but the tips ive picked up so far are:

    1. drink plenty of water

    2. drink milk (meant to be good for egg production/quality and building up lining for implantation)

    3. Eat plenty of protein - again good for eggs and womb lining (was told chicken, fish, eggs, nuts etc

    Do you know if you will be doing a medicated or unmedicated IUI?
  • Hi loopy just wanted to say good luck with your hsg and the upcoming iui I'll keep my fingers crossed for you xx
  • Hi shaz247uk thanks for the advice. I've read that you should eat between 60-70g of protein a day but that when I was researching IVF as I thought we would have to go straight for that with DH's low morphology. Being a vegetarian I've been looking at other sources that I coudl eat apart from meat. Good luck with the IVF lite I hope it all goes well for you.

    Thanks so much wibblewobble1 nice to see a familiar face image

    Really hoping we just need a little helping hand in the right direction x
  • Hi Loopy, just wanted to say good luck! Things sound really positive for you xx
  • Hi Loopy

    I will also be starting IUI in april, so we might be cycle'll be nice to have someone to share stories with! Good luck and let me know how it goes! Which clinic are u at?

    Hollie xx
  • carioke thanks so much for the good luck wishes.

    Hollie_M ohh I'd love to have a cycle buddy image I'm at the CRGW which is a private clinic in South Wales, where are you having treatment?

    Are there many ladies on here who have managed to have a BFP with IUI? I'm hoping we'll be lucky but the stats are not very good x
  • Hi Loopy i am in the same area as you and will be going for my first consultation next month and am hoping then to start iui. I have had clomid for 6 months and for the last 3 months had high day 21 blood results but doc will not give me anymore so am on my first unmedicated cycle and hoping and praying something will kickstart itself again!!! Anyway enough about me just wanted to wish you lots of luck and to say that i read somewhere that the success rate for iui is the same percentage of a couple conceiving naturally in any one cycle. In other words we stand the same chance of conceiving as those who do not have any fertility issues!!!! Good luck again
  • Hey Loopy thats great news. Good luck. I wish I could have it but I have to try 6 months clomid first xXx
  • Hi Loopy

    I'm at Care in Nottingham. We have NHS funding for x3 cycles of IUI & if unsuccessful then x1 cycle of IVF. We have to wait until april to start because the NHS have currently run out of funding and so have to wait for the beginning of the new financial year.

    Already had the HSG done, don't let anyone scare you - it's not bad at all and over very quickly. I had x6 months of clomid following it, which only made me ovulate once (I have PCOS). The fertility clinic have therefore said that i'll have to use the injections for my IUI cycles. They say the success rate is only 15-25% (or as Leanne says...the same chance as normal fertile couples.) However I am very hopefull...i'm sure if they can just make me ovulate then I should get pregnant...suppose this is quite naive of me really! But better to be positive!

    It is a very exciting but also very nervous time, and I don't know about you, but time seems to be dragging in our house! Wish I could just wake up tomorrow and it be April!

    Best of luck and keep us informed!

    Hollie xx
  • Hi loopy, I have had my hsg, single most painful thing I have ever exerienced and I thought I had a high pain threshold, just wanted to warn you, I was told it was not too bad, how wrong they were, luckily it only lasts about 20 to 30 seconds but it feels like minutes!!

    Mine was clear and my appt is at the the fertility led through the royal hosp in Belfast, we have been tring for 21 months so far, I expect they will test hubs again, he showed low motility but had a high count and good morphology, he has since given up smoking, started going to the gym and is eating better, fc it makes a diff

    I can imagine we will be offered iui first and see how that goes, so we could all have a few buddies along the way by the looks of it, good luck to everyone and hope that we all get our long awaited bfps xxxx
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