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Due to start clomid

Hello lovely ladies..

Just got my letter through on sat to confirm I will be attending the assisted conception unit in April which is a lot sooner than I thought image) I am overjoyed!! I have pcos and the doctor has referred me to be put on clomid.. I'm just wondering how it all works, will I be going back and forth to the hospital for tests to predict ovulation?? Hope someone can advise me on what happens, it's all I seem to be thinking about and the web has so many different stories that I'm not sure what happens..

Hope yous lovely ladies are well... Loads of baby dust xx


  • Hey clarabell. I start clomid tomorrow. I think all hospital are different. We have been trying for almost 18 months now. We had an appointment after 9 months where she referred me for a HSG and blood tests and also referred DH for SA. 6 months later I finally got the HSG. Then a month after that we got to see her again to get all the feedback and she wrote to my doctor telling him to prescribe clomid. He did so and I start taking it in the morning. I don't have to have any scans or anything but I have to go for bloods (day 21) at cycles 1 and 3. I have to take it for 6 months then if no joy its on to the consultant. Good luck with it xXx
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