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I am currently researching IVF funding and the experience of people who have gone through / are going through treatment to write an article (I'm an independent healthcare consultant (not medical) and aspiring writer / political activist.) As the daughter of a midwife and lifelong (somewhat strident!) feminist, I have a strong interest in questions of fertility, access to care and the individual experience.

If anyone would be willing to chat to me on email or by phone it would be really appreciated - the story is nothing without the person / couple behind it. I am also hoping to run a focus group in London over the next few weeks which would be a Q&A then a nice meal at a members' club to say thank you.

Thank you so much,

Sarah Downes

+447947 731401

[email protected]


  • Hi (again)! Computer clearly not liking me this afternoon!!

    For those who can't make out the above, I'm writing an article at the moment about IVF funding and people's experiences. If anyone wants to share a story, moan about the postcode lottery, praise a clinic (or the opposite!) please do drop me a line:

    +447947 731401 or [email protected]


    Sarah x

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