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Does anyone know how long the waiting list in Milton Keynes is for IVF?

HI everyone. I'd just like to know how long I will be waiting once referred.




  • Hi,

    We've just been referred through Stoke Mandeville (so Buckinghamshire too). We went for our referral appt at SM at the end of March, got our appt letter through from fertility clinic at end of April, went for seminar appt at clinic end of May, and just had our first appt at clinic this past monday. We are starting IVF within the next month, just got to have my next af. So from referral to starting it will have been roughly 4 months. I expect it will depend on what clinic you get referred to. We opted for Bourn Hall (Cambridge). I am surprised it is all happening so quickly tbh. I was really shocked at our appt on monday when our consultant asked us when we wanted to start. I was assuming there was going to be a long waiting list and was expecting a start date months down the line. 

  • But...I live in Beds so not sure if that makes a difference.

  • Thanks! That is quick. Good luck with it!

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