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Anyone having IVF over the next month??

Hi all,

Providing my blood test goes alright on Friday I'm ready to start having IVF.  I'm scared but excitedimage  Is anyone else going to going through the same any time soon?!



  • I am starting IVF in a matter of weeks. The hospital rang me today to get my address so that they can send me the first stage drugs. Just got to wait for my next af to arrive and then it is full steam ahead. I am so scared though. It has taken me months through acupuncture to sort out my hormones and get my body functioning in a normal way and now I am going to be given drugs to suppress all hormone activity!!!! I am scared of the side effects, scared of messing it all up, scared that it isn't going to work and I'll let my dh down. Soooooo stressed and worried and I haven't even started it yet! image

  • Tigerlilly1 just wanted to say best of luck with this cycle, third time lucky that this one sticks for good, I would say baby dust and all that but no amount of dust is going to help, just look after yourself, hope to see you announcing in the 'pregnacy' forum and my baby due in April 2013.
  • Hi Laurelladie,  I hope you are ok and everything is going well.image Thank you for your kind words, one day I will get there!!

    Hi Bibbybobby,  Your cat photo is so cute!!! I can understand why you are stressing, it's a really emotional thing to go through.  I was worried about taking the drugs too, they might make your moods go up and down like a yo yo but I am sure you will be fine on them.  Try to relax and stay positive, easier said then done though but it really does help.  I've had reflexology done and listened to positive thinking cd's to try and get me through it.  I know what you are going through so if I can help in anyway then I'm hereimage

    I had a blood test done today, I've never had a problem with ovulating but this month it didn't happen so they won't let me go ahead!  After my last try of IVF they found a cyst on my ovaries and they think this might be causing a problem.  I have to have a scan on the first day of my next af to see whats going on.  I was hoping to do this cycle naturally but I have might have to go back on the drugs.  I am alittle bit upset that I can't start next month but I would rather wait a month and get things perfect then get another bfn. 

  • hey hunni,

    have stayed off here for a while but thought i'd pop in and see whats going on. i start ivf in 2 weeks. just had all my drugs delivered today. feel like a chemist and completely overwhelmed by how much i have and how many injections i have to give myself.

    af is due two weeks today so have to give myslef prostap on that day, make a scan appoint for 10-14 days later then on that appoint i'll find out next stage. leeds are pretty good, just give me instructions as i go along. i'll be on menopur. buts thats all i know so far.

    i'm incredibly nervous, stressed out, feel sick with worry about the whole procedure and the outcome. really trying to chill out but that easier said than done. anyway ladies lets try and keep positive and get our long awaited bfp 's image

  • Helloimage

    Oh I know what you mean about the drugs.  If I have to go back on them I will be on something like 16 pills and 1 injection a day after my transfer.  I know it has to be done but I don't even like taking headache pills if I can help it!  After awhile it all just becomes a routine tho, I did the injections in the top side of my leg and thought it was easier then my stomach. 

    It's weird isn't it how for months or in our case years we don't want af to appear but now I can't wait for it to happen!  It should happen on Friday so I can have a scan done and find out whats happening and what the next step will be.  I got abit down the other day because I was meant to have the transfer done in a few weeks and now I have to wait for this af and possibly two after.  Part of me is happy to wait because for as long as I don't have it done there is still a dream of it working and the other part of me is so fed up of waiting!  I'm scared it won't work again tho. image

    Your right though we should be positive and not focus on the negatives.  We are doing everything we can to make our dreams come true and one day we will hold our healthy babies in our armsimage

  • Hi All

    I had my egg collection on Friday (9 collected but only 4 survived image) am awaiting a phone call tomorrow or Wednesday to go for transfer. Depending on how many survive weekend depends on 3 day or blastocyst transfer (am hoping for 5 day blastocyst as can only transfer 1)!!

    Don't worry about drugs and injections, I hate needles and couldn't bare the thought of it but actually hurt less when I did it myself you do get used to it.  I may have just been lucky but I had no side effects at all so far.

    Good luck all xx

  • Hi Georgie76 image

    I know how anxious you must be feeling waiting for "the" phone call. I hope everything goes well and you are able to get a photo of your little tiny dot when you have the transfer done.image

    Try to relax as much as possible over the 2ww, I wish you all the luck in the world.

    Keep in touchimage

  • Hi Tigerlilley

    Been for transfer today image, I only had 2 8 cell embies so coudn't wait for 5 day blasto transfer. Yeah they gave me a photo. Don't know what to do with myself now, no injections, scans or blood tests. Hhmm what better excuse than to chill out!!

    Good luck with yours, did you get started yet??

  • Hi Georgie76,  Wow how exciting!!!  How are you feeling??  Have you got the two weeks off??  I just sat on the sofa, read and watched the telly! image 

    No, still waiting for af to arrive and then I have to have a scan to see whats happening.  Hopefully it will be any day now.  I just want to know whats going on!

  • Hi Tigerlilley

    Was supposed to be starting my new job today, I had formal induction day. I got there at 9 and just as it was about to start they rang me and I had to leave. My new boss has been great though, she's so understanding. I'm now due to start 16th July so am planning on doing as little as possible till then, it's not often you get such a good excuse eh?image

    I know exactly how you feel, it's so frustrating when you're in limbo and waiting to start, it feels like forever!! Hang on in there, stay positive I just try to tell myself I've waited this long so what's another week or two? It'll be worth it in the end. xx



  • Thats really nice of your new boss, that must of taken alot of stress out of your day.  I have to say your very brave chainging jobs and having ivf done all at the same time.  I am such a worrier and found it hard enough telling my boss and I have known him for years!!

    So what are you going to do with your days?!?!  I was so lucky last time, do you remember the only two weeks of sunshine we really had this year??!?!  I had that time off in March and even though I wasn't aloud to sit out in it (I wasn't meant to raise my body temp or my heart rate) it was lovely just to be at home!

    Thats so true!!  We have been trying for over 5 years and I want everything to be right so if my body isn't ready just yet then I would rather wait a bit longer.  Hopefully not to log tho!!!! he he


  • Ha ha yeah I know it sounds really brave, it wasn't planned like this, I had my own business which we put up for sale when we knew we were planning IVF, I sold it in March and decided to get a part time job in the meantime. I applied for the job all the way back in April before we knew when I was starting treatment. Because it's NHS job it's taken forever!! since I applied I have had appointment with IVF consultant and started treatment. I was always honest with new boss though so she's always known the score.

    You were lucky, I've been off all through May and June and have had about 3 or 4 nice days, how unlucky is that??!! There is only so much you can do in the pouring down rain! I'm kind of starting to wish I was working already as think it would maybe take my mind off things.

    I've had crampy type pain in the night and this morning, is that a bad sign so soon?? image   Hopefully not, I'm so paranoid, ha ha! I'm sure by the end of the two weeks I'll be feeling pains that aren't there!

    It won't be much longer now for you, they'll be stuffing you full of new drugs before you know it!! image Hang on in there , it's ironic we've all spent years praying for AF not to come and now we can't wait!!! I have PCOS so mine can be 6 to 8 months apart . I had to take tablets which should have worked within a few days, a week later nothing happened!! I went all the way to hosp for a scan to see what was going on and AF on the way home ha ha.  

    Crossing my fingers for you xx



  • Morning! Sorry i have to be quick as Im off to work but i didn't want you worrying all day. Im sure the pain is normal, its just your little egg getting all cosy and implanting! You might get the odd cramps too but try to relax!! Enjoy your dayimage
  • Hello!!  How is everything??  Has the pain gone now?

    Ooh your own business!  If you don't mind say...what did you do?? I'm more of a plodder when it comes to work.  I couldn't even tell you what my ideal job would be!! Hmmm.......nope, no idea! he he

    6 - 8 months?!? Wow thats a long time, I thought being a week late was bad!  I've been having cramps today but nothing else. Ggrrrrr......

    So have you stopped all the drugs now?!?!?   I had to stay on mine even after the transfer and would of had to stay on them until I was twelve weeks. 

  • Yeah, nothing at all today! Now I'm worried there's no pain ha ha, I can't win!!

    I had a sandwich shop and outside catering business for 2 years, yeah I'm a bit of a plodder too, hence why I sold it and went back to what I did before (medical secretary). The shop was given to me by my ex-boss which was the only reason why I took the plunge into self employment, otherwise I never would have. It was really  really hard work. I don't regret it though, I learnt so much and met some great staff and customers.

    Cramps are a start!!! It's at least a sign!! Yeah it's no wonder I needed IVF, only half the bits I need and AF only 2-3 times a year, it didn't take the Dr long to decide image

    No I'm still on Pessaries twice a day but that's it just first thing in the morning and last thing at night, I think I preferred the injections ha ha x

  • He he you sound just like me!!!  I'm always worrying, in fact it could be my middle name!  I hardly moved after I had the transfer, jusy in case!!!

    Good for you for trying it though.  I've been in my job (accounts) for years and ideally I would love to have a job closer to home but the people are lovely and they have been so good to me.  Sometimes I think I use that and the fact I am trying for a baby as an excuse not to change!

    Is pcos when you have cysts on the ovaries?  I've never had them before but after my last try I have 2 cysts and now that I haven't ovulated they think it's a bit weird.  

    Ha ha the good old pessaries, you have to love them!!!  They made me feel really spaced out!!! lol

    I'm off to have reflexology done now.  I hope you have a good night. xx 

  • hey ladies,


    wow lots has been happening since i was on here.

    georgie how far into your 2ww are you? you seem really chilled about it all. hoping i'm sinilar. i'm taking the week one off but going back in week 2 just cos i think it will do my nut in not being busy. my boss is being unbelievably supportive and just lets me have the days off as i need them. still waiting for af to arrive. its due a week 2mw. it seems to be going forever..

    where are you at tigerlilly? you still waiting for your af?? hope you enjoyed your reflexology. think i could do with that too. might ring up for a massgae at the end of the week and get me ready image

    speak soon ladies xx

  • I've always thought that if you're happy in a job and your managers and colleagues are nice then really that's half the battle, you could end up near to home but desperately  unhappy as I have been in jobs before, that's the last thing you need whilst going thru all this. W ovaries hen your baby is born, then maybe consider it to make things easier for you x

    Yes Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, My  ovaries are riddled with them, I think I've got just about everything wrong that possibly could make it difficult to conceive. I was really surprised when they said my eggs were ok, I thought that was going to be the next hurdle!!

    Reflexology eh?? Now there's an idea, does it work for you?

    Hopefully I'll get more sleep tonight as not panicking as much (i think!!).


  • I'm back!!!  I'm feeling totally relaxed now, nearly fell asleep in the chair!! I can't say that medically that it's made a difference (I'm not bragging when I say this but I've got unexplained fertility) so there isn't one area for her to work on as such but mentally it helps me to relax.  She worked on my ovaries today and tried to channel my energy into making my af happen.  Fingers crossed it works!!! 

    Wow georgie76, sounds like you have been through alot.  I really hope that this works for you and you don't have to face any more problems. 

    As much as I don't want to leave my friends at work, financially I'll have to work out if driving for 40 minutes a day is worth it.  There is so much to think about, my mum says I should just worry about getting pregnant first but I can't help it my brain just goes into overdrive!!! he he

    Hannahbelle79 - I know what you mean about the waiting, mine still hasn't happened yet!! Lets hope the next few weeks go quickly for all of us and we all get the outcomes we so desperately hope for.  image  Oooohhh a massage, that sounds nice!!  If you have one done any time near your transfer make sure they use rape seed oil as the smelly ones can soak into your skin and stay for up to a week. 


  • Hi Hannahbelle79

    I'm really really trying to be chilled out, it's so hard tho, I don't think you'd be human if you didn't worry! I only had day 3 transfer Monday but had no symptoms for 2 days so getting a bit jittery now, I know what you mean, I'm not starting my new job till 16th July which is a day before OTD so just sitting around the house till then going nuts!! ha ha.

    Tigerlilly - I know what you mean, I can't help thinking ahead to what could or might happen, it's easy to say 'take each day as it comes' but seriously who does that??! Not me that's for sure! I suppose it's worse for us because we've had so long to plan!! I've been planning for 6 years.

    I suppose when your little miracle comes along, the 40 minutes a day is time you could spend with him/her and like you say it means more child care costs and more travel costs, just keep your eye out and if the perfect position nearer home comes up in the meantime then go for it and see what happens.

    I'll defo have to think about reflexology, might have a look this morning to see if there are any round here, where abouts are you??

    I hope mother nature was kind to you both over night xxxx

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