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1st IVF cycle starting in August


Is anyone starting IVF next month? My husband and I have had all our test etc and we have our demo on the injection on the 6 aug and hoping to start them around 13th aug. How do the injections make you feel? Not quite sure what to expect.

This is our first IVF experience having started seeing the doctors in January this year.


  • Hello!!

    I started taking the drugs today!! image 

    What drugs will you be on?

    I found they made my moods go up and down alot and I got hot flushes etc...   I can understand why you would be scared but try to relax as much as possible, you'll be fine. image



  • Hi Tigerliley1

    How you feeling, are you doing injections and do you do it yourself?

    I have a letter saying medium dose of Gonal-F of 225iu, does not really mean too much to me but may become clear when we have our set up meeting.  This is a telephone call with Freya Centre on the 1st August explain what we have to do.  We need to travel to our Clinic in Southampton, which makes things a little more difficult!  I can have all my scans and bloods at home but the initial consultation, last scan before egg retrieval and transfer will have to be done in Southampton.

    We went over in May to see the clinic, I wanted to start straight away in June but because we had visitors over my husband thought it was best to wait, sensible option really.

    We are planning to take the week off of the 20th August as I think and hope it will be around this date that we need to go to the UK.  I have not told my work anything, not sure if i want to.  So hoping I can get around scan etc in lunch hours!

    How many cycles have you had?




  • Where do you live then?!?!  I'm at the same clinic, how spooky!!! 

    I'm feeling alright at the moment, I start the injections on Wednesday and I do them myself. I'm on different drugs now though but you will get a pen for that drug and you change the needles everytime and just pull the top up and your ready.  It's really easy to use.  How are you feeling about it all??

    This will be my third go,  I'll get there one day!!! image

  • How strange it that.  I live in Guernsey, we had the option of going to London but it was so much more hassle at least its only a 30 minute flight to Southampton and then 15 minutes in the car.  They seemed really nice and very helpful, i think they deal with quite a few cases from the Channel Islands, they call it a shared IVF cycle as we are between the specialist over here and Freya.

    Oh i really do not know about the injections, i told my husband he could do them all but he will now always be there when i am to have them. I'm sure you get used to it after the first few!

    I feel ok at the moment, really just want to get things moving now.  We got married last year and knew that we would probably need IVF/ICSI about a year before.  This all came to light when we applied for life insurance.  My husband had an operation when he was 11 and as a result has a low sperm count, they said that it could happen naturally but would probably need to go down this route.  We thought we would give it 6 months and then enquire about IVF but everything takes so long intially and here we are now over a year later.

    Have you fallen preganant with any of your previous cycles?  So nice to talk to someone else going through the same situation as this is all very confusing at the start, i am still trying to learn all this jargon!

    Fingers crossed for both of us as i am about 3 weeks behind you.image

  • Hello,

    The people at the clinic are lovely, they make you feel really comfortable. image

    I asked my hubby to do the first lot and he hates needles, blood etc... he did really well but started to worry that he was hurting me so it was easier to do them myself.  The needles are tiny and you hardly feel them so try not to worry.

    The first time I got a BFN and the second time I got a BFP but when I went for my 7 week scan, I was told I'd had a bio chemical pregnancy and there was no babyimage 

    I had more tests done and it turns out I have a slighty higher NK cells which means my body kills off anything it thinks shouldn't be there.  I'm going to be on different drugs after my transfer and using our last two eggs so this maybe our last chance. I'm staying positive though and trying to stay relaxed! I should be having my transfer done around the 23rd August, we could be sat next to each other in the waiting room and not even know it!!!

    He he I'm still not good with the jargon, I reckon you'll be teaching me!!!! image

  • Hi Tigerlilley1

    Sorry i have not replied sooner, I saw your message on iphone but not easy reply to mesages on small screen.  It has been a crazy week, babysat for my friends 3 kids on tuesday, was out wed, had my hair thursday and the girls around last night.  I am looking forward to staying in and watching TV tonight!

    How is the drugs going? If youv'e taking the drugs how come your transfer will be done around 23rd August and not sooner, just wondering if i have worked out all my dates wrong!  I am hoping to start injections around the 13th August, My cycle can be anything from 29-35 days so who knows!  My dates are worked out for around day 30 so fingers crossed!  I have booked the week of the 20th August off work and hoping the ET will be around the weekend of the 25th/27th August, so i can be back to work on the Tuesday. 

    I received my prescriptions last week and went to collect all my drugs this morning!

    Hope you are having a nice weekend. image

  • Hello!!! image

    Thats alright, I've had a pretty busy week myself.  I know what you mean about the phones, I'll reply but its a really quick message and half the time it just writes what it wants!!! lol

    Sorry for the confusion, I keep saying I'm having IVF when I guess I should say I've had IVF and now I am having a frozen Embyro transfer.  I start the drugs early and then I have to have an af and then I go on to different drugs to get my body ready. The drugs are going alright.  I have the due on feeling with sore boobs and cramps but my emotions are getting stronger.  I just cried yesterday for no reason and today I'm getting a bit irritable. I'm not normally an angry person but I can feel my blood boil over stupid things and I'm snapping at people.image I need to have my af which is due on Wednesday, I've been late recently though and once thats happened I have a blood test I can take pills which will calm my moods down!!  We might be on the 2ww together!!

    How was your weekend?

  • Hi

    That seems a long process for Frozen Embyro transfer and alot of drugs. Fingers crossed for your af tommorow where you can start taking the drugs to calm you.

    We have our set-up meeting tommorow with the Freya centre so alot of all this should be come clearer of what we need to do when.

    We have my husband's parents and grandparents coming this weekend for 10 days so as soon as they leave we should be starting the process!  Atleast the time will go quick, im not very patient so the 2ww is going to be hard.

    Is this your first treatment at Freya of have you been there since the begining, how many IVF cycles have you had?

    I think we will definatley be around the same time, how exciting!

    Anyway sorry for the quick response i have cleaning to do, what a great way to spend the evening! image

  • Hello!  Don't be scared I am feeling much happier today!!! lol  It works out about 6 weeks or so to be on the drugs and then have the transfer. I'll be on them and extra ones after!  It's weird because I had this same treatment done in Feb/Mar time and it felt like forever but this time round, now I have started with the drugs, it doesn't seem like long at all.  image 

    They will give you a flow chart with exactly what drugs to take and when so it makes it easier to follow.  Not long now until you start is it?  The 13th Aug right?!?  Sounds like your going to have a good time it will defo make the time fly by.  I have to admit the 2ww is hard.  The first week isn't so bad but the second one is the toughest!  I'll be here though if you need to talk about anything!

    This is my first IVF cycle and it's always been at the Freya.  After my first go I had 11 embyros taken out, 5 survived and got to 5 days.  I had the first egg put back in (this was about the same time last year) which was a bfn.  For my first FET embyro number two didn't make the thawing process but the third one did so I used that one, that was in Feb/Mar.  I have two left but there is a chance that one, two or none could survive the thaw out.  I just have to wait and seeimage  I'm not getting my hopes up but I am not feeling negative either!

    Enjoy your cleaning and I hope it goes well tomorrow image

  • Hi Tigerlilley1

    How are you doing? Hope you are feeling ok and all going to plan.

    The injections for me have all gone fine, my husband did them all. The first few days I had really bad lower back ache, it started easing off when I started the centroride injections. We came to the UK on Wednesday night and had our scan on Friday morning. Seems that my right ovary has not taken to the drugs but my left has got about 7 of which she thinks 5 might be ok one was quite large and a few too smaller. I am booked in to have EC on Monday and hoping EC will be wed if not Thursday.
  • Hiya!!

    I'm glad the injections have gone well and your feeling ok now the back ache has stopped.  Sorry did you mean you are having them put back Wednesday or Thursday??  I'm having my transfer (hopefully, if they thaw out) on Thursday!!!!  You'll have to let me know when your going in.  We will be on the 2ww together!!! image 


  • Hi

    The clinic called this morning, we had 4 eggs collected, 2 have fertilised and they are closely watching a third. We are having transfer tommorow.

    Hope all going well with you?

    Fingers crossed for us both. X
  • Good luck ladies.... Thinking about you both image I'm due for iui on Friday... FC xx
  • Hi Chick80, Thats good news about your eggs, How are you feeling about it all??

    Hello Cupcake87, I remember you from a few months ago!!  I really hope Friday goes well for you.  We can all wait together!! image

    Saying that I failed my blood test today!!  I've got to up my pesseries from 4 to 6 and hope that after another blood test on Thursday I am still good to go!!

  • Thank you tigerlilly... I'll be driven demented I think lol I'm considering taking Friday off work... Hmmm don't know tho.

    What do u mean u failed your bloods?? Sorry I'm not totally up on the Ivf route... xx
  • He he I'm confused about your's to.  I sort of understand IUI but I might be totally wrong.  Is it where the egg stays in you and they injected the sperm into it?!?!?!!?!?!?! Is that whats happening on Friday??  Ooohh I would take the day off!!!  I've got the next two weeks off image

    Sorry I shouldn't of really used the words failed, its never happened to me before and I didn't really expect it!  My progesterone level is to low at the moment, they are 22 and they should be 30.  I have to up my dosage and see if that helps.

  • There's just so much to think about isn't there.... Yeah until your actually going through it, it's hard to understand.. Yup that's basically what iui is... I've had 7 nights of gonal shots just like with Ivf... But with iui they don't want too many eggs, as they might all release and become fertilised, where as with Ivf, you can decide how many to put back in etc.

    Does that make sense Hun??

    Iui improves your chances of conception slightly, by making you produce bigger/more follicles and then the sperm is washed to make sure only the best are put back and and they're put as close to the egg as possible...

    Ahhh I see what u mean about your bloods now, here's hoping your levels pick up within the next few days then image FC Hun

    It's such a bizarre feeling isn't it..... :O xx
  • Hi Tigerlilly and Mrs Cupcake

    This waiting is driving me mad already!!! I think because we're not home we are constantly waiting around for appointments and stuff to happen. We are suppose to be going home on Sunday but depending on the out come tommorow we are going to try and leave UK on Friday. I Just want to be home!!!!

    How interesting we are all going to be on 2ww but all having different procedures. We have got guests arrive on Sunday for a week so at least that will be a good distraction.

    I haven't had any blood test since the initial meeting. I started the pessaries today!

    Cupcakes - is this your first attempt?

    My appointment is at 1215 tommorow and I have booked an acupuncture session for Thursday.

    Good luck to you both. Xx
  • Morning. good luck today, i hope everything goes well. xxx
  • Thank you... Today went ok, have one follie at 19/20mm so doing the trigger shot tonight, and iui on Friday. Although for the last hour or so I've had a dull ache at top of my left leg/groin... Could I be ovulating? Ahhhh I hope not!! Lol

    what procedures are you both doing then?

    Yeah it's just my first attempt... Only get two goes at iui... Fingers crossed one takes... How about you?? How many attempts have u had?? Xx
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