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Day7 Only 5 follicles:(

Had day7 scan today.  Was a bit disheartened to find out only 5 follicles there and only 1 of good size.  This does not sound very hopeful especially as our problem is my egg quality so I have to pray these are all good quality.  Anyone have any success stories with similar low numbers?

On a separate note - while I was just getting confident injecting the menopur I cocked up the cetrocide one this evening.  First I hadn't screwed the mixing needle on properly and so a small amount of liquid leaked.  Then I injected and realised after that I'd forgotten to get rid of the air first.  It's not in a vein so should be OK.  But one more thing to worry about!


  • Had day9 scan today.  Largest follicle is now good size and 2nd one has grown too.  Have been on 6 Menopur powders since Weds and gotta inject Monday morning before scan too in hope that they all improve.  Still not sure yet whether I'll be going for collection (or if there will be any eggs to collect) or IUI might be suggested.  That to me doesn't sound like any real assistance for the amount of money though.

  • Hi lthilwenn, thanks for your posts (just read your injection reply too). Injections all over and I survivedimage Yeah, collection was this morning. Had to be at hospital for 5.30am! so didn't sleep much as you can imagine. When a came round from the anaesthetic I felt like I'd just had the Lockhart sleep even though I was only out for half an hour lol. So we're over the first hurdle. They collected 3 eggs, 2 of which are apparently better than the other 1. Just got to hope now that they fertilise. If they do then transfer will be Friday as they won't keep them out longer as so few. I'm feeling fine so going to work tomorrow. Just hope it's good news when they call or I'll probably breakdown.
  • Loveliest sleep not Lockhart, stupid autospell lol
  • Yay all 3 fertilized!  That's 2 hurdles.  Just got to hope that one sticks now.  Going back tomorrow morning for transfer.  I'm assuming they'll only put 1 back and not sure if they'll freeze other 2.   Thanks x

  • So apparently it worked!  I don't believe it yet as I totally don't feel any different.  But the test Friday morning was positive.  Though it did take about a minute to become positive whereas my other positive tests took seconds (all those years ago).  Having blood test Monday morning then scan 2 weeks after.  Wonder how many there'll be.....

  • That is fantastic news, always seems more special to become pregnant after many struggles! keep well and enjoy the next 8 and a bit months! Many congratulationsimage

  • Thanks Laurelladie.  Had blood test today.  The figures were double what they should be which indicates more than one!  Double the worry lol

  • I would take multiples over none! hope all goes well for your scan which you'll have soon.enjoy.

  • Yeah I know. BOGOF and should be grateful. I'm just a natural worrier. Scan next Fri to find out.
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