Embryo Transfer - bleeding after

So i had 2 embryos transferred this morning and have been resting at home.  The first time I went to the loo after being home I noticed blood on my liner.  Nurse said this is OK but the pink discharge is continuing and I'm worrying it's the embryos coming out.  I've tried looking online and have read that spotting is common but can't help but worry.  anyone else encountered this?


  • Hello, don't worry this is normal and I had this, just rest and think positive thoughts!

  • And stay away from Google or you'll be experiancing all kinds of symptoms as to your IVF not working!

  • Thanks LaurelLadie. Yes you're right. I think I've exhausted google anyway lol. Now I know that's normal I'll just try to wait patiently for 2 weeks and try not to do too much even though I get incredibly restless when I'm not doing something. Hubby will be very busy nowimage
  • good, just wait for them 2 little lines!


  • I had this too, and had bleeding on and off and horrible brown discharge for first 10 weeks.  I am now 33 weeks with no problems so please try to relax.

  • That's reassuring, thanks Sam
  • What advice were you all given by your hospital following transfer? Mine just said no lifting and an information sheet says no intercourse for 2 weeks. I just got in the bath with my daughter for a min then worried and thought i must check so i jumped out and checked a website i looked at yesterday and it said no baths for 48 hours. Is it just that different hospitals give different advice or did mine not give enough.?
  • mine was no lifting,sex, hot tubs or excessive excercise. You should just take it easy, I think that the no baths is silly and if you were having a bath with your daughter it would not have been excessively hot and your cervix is closed so its not like your little embryos are going to get washed out!

  • Thanks LL.  Surely all this is just an added precaution cos in reality for those people who don't have trouble conceiving they do all these things before they find out their pregnant, as I'm sure I did last time (all those years ago).  I won't do these things as I don't want to take the risk of losing our chance and losing our money but I'm sure it really is all down to luck now.  I've tried to take it easy this weekend and certainly not doing heavy lifting, poor hubby has done all the houseworkimage but I'm going back to work tomorrow.  I work in and office and the only 'risk' there is some of my files are heavy so I will ask someone to get them for me.  But what consitutes heavy?  Is a full kettle or water jug heavy?  Sorry to be annoying but I do like to know every single detail lol

  • hello roberjl, I think heavy is anything that puts a real strain on your abdominal muscles, like lifting a heavy box of books or something! your not annoying at all you just want to know whats going on, hope the two week wait isn't treating you too badly!

  • Thanks, that's what I thought.  I've been annoying my colleague asking him to get my files out for me cos some are heavy and the lighter ones are also a bit awkward to get out when they're wedged in the cupboard.  I don't think I've lifted anything I shouldn't have.  The 2ww is dragging as you would expect and it doesn't help that I'm not busy at work this week either.

  • Hi, girls.

    I would like to ask you if you can spare some time
    and gave me your sincere opinion please. Can you advice me why clinics they
    don't use IUI method with fresh sperm ??? As success rate is so low[10%]
    with standard IUI why potential donor health is not checked 1 month before
    he give sperm donation and therefore with avoiding a freezing process
    chances for successful pregnancy will be at least 50%. I can't afford another IVF after failing. Its our money also running low so i and my partner we
    thinking to find a nurse and donor to perform IUI without freezing the
    sperm. For surely before that donor need to pass medical check up to see if
    he is suitable to become a donor. Are they really big chances that sperm got
    infected in contact with air and therfore baby is born with disabilities
    GOD BLESS !!!

  • Hi Sindychu

    I'm afraid I don't know much about IUI but I didn't want to ignore you.

    Hope you get the answers and the results you're after x
  • Hello Roberjl

    I am not so good at computer so Im very slow to reply. Thank you anyway for your post. If you hear or have any new information, please let me know. Thanks x

  • Good day! This is my 1st time here.. I had a question maybe someone can relate to. So Saturday 2/25/17 had my only surviving embryo transferred.Which was a day 4 embryo a couple of hours after I was experiencing slight mild cramps on and of the whole day and late that night went to the bathroom and wiped and on the toilet paper was a very small speck of red blood, the size of tip of a pencil. And today I have been peeing alto and on and off slight mild cramps. What does this mean? I have an appt march 2nd and then march 8th is my pregnancy blood work. Should I be worried ? Please help 

  • Hello everyone

    I want to give you all an update from my last reply, I ended up having a miscarriage and actually pass the embryo which I was just 5 weeks and 2 days along on March 14th and passed the embryo march 15th and confirmed that I wasnt pregnant no longer on march 17th when I went for my u/s.  Which I bleed for 2 weeks which was heavy. I was checked that my levels were back to zero on the 31st and since then I was waiting to get AF so I can start again. Today April 23rd 2017. I haven't still receive AF but was told I should receive it soon. My progesterone level was taken on Monday April 17th which was at 13 and was told I had ovulated but I am confused about this... Please help me has anyone went through this before???

  • hi today i had 1st week embryos transferred  when I went to the loo I noticed pink blood on my liner. I m  worrying it's the embryos coming out or its early miscarriage.  I've tried looking online and have read that spotting is common but can't help but worry.  anyone else encountered this? Pls help 

  • I know this is an old post, but just wondering if roberjl got her bfp that cycle? I had a pinkish discharge a few hours after my embryo transfer on 2/9/19, so I was just wondering. Any one else experienced this?
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