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Refused NHS funding for IVF


I am just writing to see if anyone has been in a similer situation to us. Myself and my partner are in a lesbian relationship and have been TTC for the last 20 months using a sperm donor, with no joy. I went to see my GP for blood tests to check my hormone levels which came back normal, but after a scan revealed by Uterus was tilted to one side, we were referred to see the fertility doctor at East Surrey Hospital. I was booked in for a laparoscopy and dye and after this I went for a follow up apt with the fertility doctor who told us the heart breaking news that I had loads of Endometriosis, adhesions and scarring plus my left fallopian tube was in a bad condition and may need to be removed. We were told that IVF is likely to be the only option for us to concieve but as we would be using "Donor Sperm" we do not qualify for any funding! 

We are absolutley heart broken at this news as we do not have the funds to pay for private IVF and what makes it 100 times worse is that due to my Endometriosis and tubal damage if I was in a hetrosexual relationship with the same symptoms I would qualify!  I cant believe that the discrimination is so obvious!

we have written to Surrey PCT  to appeal our case, has anyone else has any luck with appealing?

Has anyone else had anything simler happen to them?



  • I was refused nhs funding as my husband had had a vasectomy 15 years previously and he already had 2 adult children I don't have any 7 years later we saved up ??3000 for a vasectomy reversal in January which failed and then we saved a further ??6000 and we start icsi next week. Don't give up I'm only 28 and refuse to give up. Life is very unfair
  • Could it be because your partner has not tried using a sperm donor too??
  • Would your partner consider trying to get pregnant?

    IVF has different rules for each district/area you live in.

    Good luck
  • Thank you for your replies its appreciated..

    Kymbo life is unfair, I have read lots of peoples stories on here and I know Im not the only one on this long journey..We are not going to give up and I am hoping so much that they can at least save my right tube so I might have a chance of concieving before they say IVF is defo my only option. Good luck with your journey image

    My partner did try for a while using the same donor with no luck, but she is younger than me so we decided that I should try first as my body clock is ticking.. Alot of people have said "cant your partner just try" and that is fair enough but I still want to experience pregnancy as Im sure most women would agree with.. It is so heart breaking to think its never gonna happen.

  •  I got refused yesturday because my husband had a vasectomy 20 years ago. We paid 2,500 for a reversal that did not work and they just told me point blank that because he wanted to be steralised in the first place we dont qualify. Like I told them its not my fault who I fell in love with and my first question wasnt can you still have kids. Im 27 and we have been trying for 3 years.

    I wouldnt say it was because of your sexuality and whats it got to do with them anyway. They cant judge how good a parent you would be.Keep praying though as there was a lesbian couple there yesturday who have been told they can have the treatment.For me I felt very upset that it was agreed for them and not for me. I think we all start accusing them of some form of hatred for us. Good luck for the future both. I know one thing they wont stop me becoming a parent no matter how long I have to save,

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