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can someone please tell me if the things im experiencing are normal please

Hi every1 im new to this site , i wont go on too much but can someone please tell me if the feelings im experiencin a perfectly normal please

im now 5 dp 5 dt (2 x hatching blasts) i have been feeling sharp shooting pains on my lower left side of my belly (overies area) its not always there just comes and goes also im feeling a little sickly is this all good or am i reading into it all too much?

this is our 2nd try on ivf as im a surrogate and sadly 1st one failed after 2 days so to be here at day 5 it does seem kinda good but im scared the shooting pains are a bad thing....please can someone share your experiences image

many thanks


  • i have had two rounds of iui - i know it's not the same...- and i had similar pains afterwards.  it may be the drugs and such....also don't forget that any invasive proceedure in that area will cause discomfort.  

    hope that helps a little, as i may have to come for advice on ivf in the future.

    it doesn't mean that it didn't work!  keep hoping.

  • Hi brylin

    I had similar a few days after fresh transfer and was told it may well be because of egg collection rather than transfer.  I've heard loads of stories of BFP on here and every one has a different experience.  Hang on in there!!! When is your OTD?? x


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