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1st Clomid cycle

Hi All,

I have been through an extremely rough time over the past year, I lost a baby at 13 weeks to Trisomy 13, lost another baby at 5 weeks & our last one at 9.5 weeks. I have now gone to see a fertility specialist as I do no ovulate every month so he put me Clomid which I have just found out I have over reacted to it with the lowest dose. I have produced 3 fantastic sized follicles & 4 developing follicles. My estrogen level is extremely high & ready for ovulation.

I am feeling quite nervous about the possiblity of having multiples but I dont want to miss out on any sort of opportunity after everything I've been through. What would you all do?

I have been feeling very nausea, pains in my stomach & extremely tired. I ovulate today or tomorrow, find out tomorrow through ovulation tracking, then I find out by Easter if I'm pregnant.

I'm so nervous its ridiculous, if this round doesn't work we have to go to IVF due to my reaction to Clomid.


  • Hi sorry to hear about your very tough time, Drs just dont seem to understand how tough this process is. I started on my first round of clomid 2 and a half weeks ago. I had awful pains on the evening of day 10, was doubled over in pain but I want to continue on clomid to increase my chances of conceiving after ttc for over 2 years. Went for scan on day 3 and day 10, on day 10 dr said he could see a little bit of activity but not enough so had to go back day 14. was told on day 14 that there was 1 big egg and two smaller ones, is that good news or should there be more? nurse who done scan said there would be a very slight chance of multiple pregnancy. Been having timed intercourse as suggested, every other day, have you been told the same? I tested positive on ovulation test yesterday so fingers crossed now  clomid works as we are having to pay for treatment as my partner has a child from a previous relationship so we not entitled to free treatment on the NHS, so unfair. Did you decide to take the chance?

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