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amh level of 2 and blocked tubes

hi everyone

i am new to this site and just joined for some advice and to see if anyone has a similar situation

just after christmas last year we were told both my tubes had reblocked and my amh level was really low, only 2 and i will be going into early menopause,  obviously my partner and i were devasted and still are, as we were told we would only conceive through ivf. i was only 28 then(29 now) and for ivf in our area you have to be 30.

we applied for exceptional funding, but were refused on age and not having giving up smoking for a 6 month period at that time. so we have to go though the whole process again once its 6 months.

the longer we have to wait, the least of a chance i feel like we have of being successful and its a battle everyday to keep thinking positive.

is anyone in the same boat or does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this??



  • Hi honeytom7 

    I couldnt read and not reply, firstly I am sorry you are going through this. Have you had a hsg? can they do somthing for your tubes? you said they had reblocked?

    Sorry to hear about your amh levels have they suggested freezing any eggs, if you are worried about the time? 

    Do you know what the required threshold is for nhs treatment re: amh levels some hospitals will only fund you at a certain level. I know amh results are important but I am sure I have seen other posts from ladies with low levels and it is more to do with how well they can be stimulated by the drugs. 

    It is crazy that you have to wait until 30 even with low amh levels, have you had the other hormone level tests? any male factor issues? 

    Could you go to a different hospital we are not being see literally around the corner but we are driving 100 mile round trip to another hospital. Both nhs but looked at our results and interpretated them complete differently! 

    All the best Jo x

  • Hi jo

    Thanks for the message. I had an operation to unblock them about 6 years ago and the doctors thought they wouldn't reblock, bit they have. Had a hsg and ultrasound.The consultant took my case to an exceptions meeting to discuss whether it would more damage than good to unblock them and they said because they are so damaged they still wouldn't function properly if unblocked.

    They haven't said anything about freezing eggs. As far as I know there is no restriction were my amh levels are concern. I hope not but im sure they would have said by now.

    What other hormone test do you mean? There are now male factor issue. Which is one postitive.

    I didnt know I could just go to a hospital on a different area. Do you have to be registered in that area?

    Are you going through ivf at the moment?

    Tasha xx
  • Hi sorry to hear about the probs with your tubes, I know that having unblocked tubes is best but surely if you are hoping for ivf then really the tubes are not involved as they are bypassed for the process. 

    Well we live in Exeter and we are having treatment in Plymouth. I went back to the gp and asked for them to refer us to there instead. Exeter was fine but we wanted a second opinion and we are glad we did.

    Exeter wanted to do 3 rounds of clomid before any assisted conception on the nhs and Plymouth said that was a waste of time because I ovulate on my own. Exeter also said that there wasnt a sperm problem but Plymouth said there was.

    It is such a fight lots of questions and lots of reading I have found sometimes you have to fight for it unfortunately I guess the nhs only has limited resources. 

    Hsg was this Tues and depending on that we are due to start ivf after our hols : )

    Jo xx

  • Hi

    I wanted to say that I am in the same boat as you, I have just just had my forth failed treatment but I will not give up hope I  am researching dhea for low amh hormone and I will try again good luck to you I know how you are feeling just be positive thats the best way x 

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles ttc. The difference in nhs restrictions area to are infuriates me. For example, where I live they only treat women 23-34, but if you live 20 mins away in another borough they treat women up to 38. I know someone that registered at a doctors using her in laws address so they would qualify for nhs funding as she had just turned 35.

    i understand how upsetting it is to discover you could go into early menopause, I had all the usual tests over a year on the nhs, and was told I was fine. Only when I decided to go private (not eligible as i have a 10yr old from a previous relationship) that they did a thorough scan of my ovaries and discovered I had low ovarian reserve, which now makes sense as it took over a yr to conceive my son when I was only 22. 

    im currently going through ivf, but it is self funded and I'm not sure if we could afford a 2 or even 3rd go at it.

    im sorry I can't be of any help, but this site is great for support x

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