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Summer 2013 IVF/ISCI ladies

Hi all thought it would be nice to start a new thread for anyone starting in the next few months?

Help, support and tips? whether you are a first timer like me or whether you have been though it before I would love to chat you. I have read that its a rollercoaster with many stages, so lets all share. All the best everyone : )

assisted baby dust * * *

Jo xx



  • hi jo,

    well my name is kimberley and i will be starting ivf in the next few months.. i turned 23 today and have been waiting for my birthday as they do not fund ivf on the nhs for women under the age of 23! so as you can imagine this is a big birthday for me. I have severe endo and blocked tubes, after many attempts to unblock them all failed! image , me and my partner finally filled out all our paperwork for ivf today so it is now all getting passed over to nurture fertility in nottingham image hopefully should only take them aound 4 weeks to contact me and i'm in for my pre treatment scan before i start my meds imageimage very excited, though nervous of course!! 

    whats your story image sending you tons of baby dust ** image


    kim xx

  • Hi Kim happy birthday indeed! Sorry to hear your struggling too. I'm 28 and mug hubby 36 we have male factor problems and after almost being fobbed off we are due to start ivf in a few months. Get my hsg results tomorrow! How you feeling? I'm scared and excited! Thanks for the baby dust this forum will be great for sharing image xx

  • Hello thought I would update you, been for chat at hospital today and we are going to try superovulation IUI first as we can then go onto IVF but not the other way around. Means they can check out how our bodies work and respond to the drugs but less invasive. FC it works. Hope you are all well : )


  • Hi

    My name is Sara and we are waiting for our 2nd IVF appt for ICSI. TTC 6 yrs - Age 30 & 29 - Male factor (blocked tubes due to CF). They say no waiting list here in Dorset so fingers crossed they can give us a summer start time image

    Had internal scan and all bloods. Both are otherwise fertile apart from his blocked tubes. He needs extraction (ouch!) then ISCI process.



  • Eeeek sounds like there are a few of us all in the same boat at the same ish time! not long to wait now, I was just thinking that it will be 'nice' to go though this with better weather, better for my mood : ) x

  • Sparrow 2 (Sara) just wanted to but in, my husband had PESA like what your husband is going to have, he doesn't have CF but only 1 single swimmer got through! We too had been trying for a very long time, since june 2005!

    The andrologist got 4 ampules full, we used 1 for our first cycle of ICSI and I am currently holding my 20 week old baby boy! Good luck and tell your husband to choose his going home outfit wisely, mine wore jeans, big mistake! All the best.


  • Hi all

    1st ICSI attempt to begin when we come back from holiday at the beginning of June. We have male factor, low motility. Had internal scan and blood tests, all ok. Both me and DH are 34 and are trying for our first. Have been ttc for 6 years so about time we took the bull by the horns! I've now told my mum and she's already buying baby stuff so it better work for all our sakes!

    I've got a good feeling about this thread and I look forward to loads of summer BFP's! 

    Good luck everyone, keep us posted xx

  • hi all image hope you are all getting on ok! 

    i went for bloods and pre treatment scan today, it showed i also have PCOS aswel as endo image a pretty big cyst on my left ovary.. so we are just hoping that it doesnt affect anything .. we are booked in now for out official consultation on the 5th june so they will go through everything in more detail and hopefully begin treatment!! 

    joey139... how did ur hsg go??

    big hugs everyone xxx

  • just wondering if any of u are with nurture?? and if anybody knows what to expect from the consultation?? and how long after the consultation you actually begin treatment xx

  • Hi ladies.

    im cd3 a today and start my burserelin injections on day21 for our first go at ivf.

    weve been ttc just under 3 years, went through all the nhs tests and was 'unexplained' until we could pay to go private, then discovered I have a low ovarian reserve at the grand old age of 32image 

    Unfortunatly we are not entitled to funding as I have a 10 year old from a previous relationship... I was obviously meant to have babies in my early 20's!!

    because of the low reserve I've been put on max dosage so the drugs come to a staggering £1800 so I'm not sure how many times we are going to be able to do ivf. 

    Fc for you all ladies, it's great to know others are going through the same x

  • Hey andi,

    hope you are well sorry to hear it is costing you that much but at least you are on the road now. All the best for you starting your injections. We have our injection lesson next month eeek! 

    all the best

    Hey Kimberley 2,

    hope your appoinment comes around quickly and you can get some more info soon. Hsg was fine a little of an ouch moment for a few seconds and period pain after but all ok. Got our appointments through today for next month- signing the consent forms and the having the injection lesson. 

    Fingers crossed everyone really hope our BFP's are around the corner


  • aww joey thats fantastic news image i had the same from my hsg .. period pain after n that but was definatley not as bad as i was expecting! our consultation date has been brought forward to the 31st may .. so not long now image eeaak!! so exciting! its nice to think in a few months we could all be on here discussing our pregnancies.. fingers crossed for all of us.. let ,me know how you get on with the injections xx

  • hey kimberley 2 yeah I know cannot wait! we have had our consultant next is signing forms on 19th June then my injection lesson is on the 27th June! just want to get moving now. We are trying SO IUI first does anyone know then process? v similar to IVF at first I think. Guessing I will need baslines done first! xx 

  • oh thats fantastic! when did you have your consultation?? i was wondering how long roughly the wait was from consultation to treatment.. what clinic are you with joey?? i'm not too sure about IUI .. i'm only just getting my head around IVF lol xx

  • Hi all, 

    It's amazing just how many people are actually going through this process at the same time! image

    TTC 6 yrs - Age 30 & 41 - Both Male & Female factors image

    I always have a nosey on these threads, it helping me to understand what to expect. We are currently starting our 1st shot at IVF, i am sat by the phone now waiting for the phone to ring and make our appointment to be shown how to do the injections. Does anyone know how painful they are meant to be?  xx


  • hiya image 

    Age 23 - female factors,reasearched ivf for years now as iv known for 6 years will need it when the time comes. its all quite scary the thought of it but exciting and amazing at the same time. only just had our referral the other day so waiting on 1st consultation image xx

  • aww 23 like me image bless .. it is very scary but very exciting!!! i'm also waiting for consultation but had bloods and things done already image have u had yours?? xx

  • well had tests done a year ago, bloods took, sperm analysis and had an information evening but put it on hold because asnt sure if was ready mentally and physically so nt sure if they will still be on record or if we wll hve to start again... I keep getting butterlies everytime think about it image i have a good feeling about this thread

  • Just had a phone call from my doctor, I havent had mmr jab so iv got to have that before treatment can start, iv got to have it done on tuesday does any1 no how long after Iv had it I can start treatment? Xxx

  • Hellooo, 

    i will b starting ivf in next couple of months, after 7years of ttc it all seems to now be moving very quickly. scary! Xx

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