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hi ladies! image me and my partner have been refered to nurture in nottingham and have a consultation on may 31st.. i just wondered if any of you have had a consultation at nurture and could tell me what to expect and how long after the consultation you usually start treatment.. ?? we have already had our pre treatment scan and bloods taken last week .. thanks xxxx


  • Hi,

    I am currentley at Nurture... how did you get on? image


  • Hi ladies,

    How long is the waiting time? I had HSG, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy done privately (outside UK). Now that I'm referred to Nurture, Nottingham for IUI & IVF.

    What are your experiences? Any good results ?

  • Hi Ladies,

    What is the waiting time in Nurture, Nottingham? I had HSG, Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy done privately (outside UK). Now that I'm referred to Nurture for IUI & IVF and waiting for appointments.

     What are your experiences? Any good results? 



  • Hi ladies. Just thought I would let you know a friend of mine just did her first cycle IVF at Nuture. Well she had a really smooth journey, she said they were amazing. They do extra scans, they even gave her the scratch on the NHS and she got 6 blastocysts, one back in and is now pregnant!! They research all the time and are up to date. Good luck with all your cycles xx

  • Hi Levi,

    Good to know about your friend. What is the waiting time? This week going to visit gynecologist. She said will refer to Nurture, Nottingham. Do I get to see consultant straight away? When do IUI and IVF cycles begin ?

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