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hi ladies.. i just thought i'd pop this thread up to get some advice from any of u ladies that have already had ivf. I am due to start soon and was just hoping that you could tell me what side effects you have had.. and how you feel whilst taking the injections.. and also do they hurt?? how long do you have to take them for and how mant times a day do you have to inject? xx

thanks in advance xxx


  • Hello Kimberly 2, I wouldn't say the injections hurt, just a sting, but in the long list of things to come with pregnancy and childbirth a little needle is nothing!! I think I took mine for 7 days and had 2 scans tracking my follicles and they saw a huge one on day 7 and I did my trigger on day 8 and removal 16 hours later.  My side effects were relatively minor in comparison to down regulating where I kept flushing and terrible mood swings. the injections gave me a couple of bruises, and I had just 1 a day at 6 pm, apart from the trigger which was 9 pm. All the best xxx I have a beautiful 24 week old son when I only got 2 eggs and only 1 fertilised. Enjoy the journey because its magical image 

  • Hello, I did 2 injections every night at 9pm. My top tip would be pop an ice cube in a little freezer/food bag and hold that on your skin for a minute. It numbs it a bit. Good luck! I'm 17 weeks pregnant with twins so it will be worth it xxx

  • oh I really hope we have your luck Mikey! I have heard of ice cube technique def gonna try that one! xx

  • im about to take my first injection this evening.. I'm pretty nervous, I'm sure it'll be no bother after a few days.

  • aww i hope its ok image yeah i'm defo trying the ice cube trick! i've got to ring clinic on day 1 of my next cycle and i start my injections on day 21 .. eeaakk!! xx

  • Well done on taking the first steps! are you both having ivf? I'm trying iui first no idea what cycle day il start the meds prob 21 for down reg I guess xx best of luck 

  • The injection was fine just took my time checking my plan and making sure was doing right quantities etc. I've got a big box of various drugs and different needles it was quite overwhelming when I first had them delivered.

    i put a bag of frozen peas on the top of my leg for a min (got bored of waiting) couldn't feel needle go in and I just puslowed own slowly. Thought I was going too slow so sped up a bit then it stung a tiny bit so just slowed down again and couldn't really feel it. Area was just a bit tender after and i have a little bruise today.

    good luck to us all xxx

  • Meant to say 'pushed down slowely' not 'puslowed own slowely'!!!' Sorry

  • oh yes i meant to ask.. what are the needles like? are they propa needles or like the insulin pens diabetics have? x

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