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1st IUI with injections... due to start... any tips?

Hey everyone,

you may remember me from trying to conceive, then lttc now I am here! well we are due to start SO IUI in the next few weeks (consent form signing on 19th the meds lesson on 27th) the we will have our plan and be good to go... anyone else due to start soon? 

I am speaking to some lovely ladies who are having ivf/icsi and I think the first phase of my treatment is similar, with the down reg and then stimms.

1) I was wondering if anyone knows what cycle day I would start down regging on? My next period is due on the 27th (same day as injection lesson) so I am hoping I can start with that cycle. Or will I need scans and blood work before I start?

2) Do you know how much time off work I will need? this is such a hard one... I have swapped some shifts so far (I work in retail) and that hasnt been a problem and I have used a days annual leave. My clinic is an hour away so its not a quick journey. 

3) When you are stimming are you scanned/ bloodwork every other day? if so I may take some days annual leave. 

Thanks everyone I know I should wait and ask the hospital just nice to get other peoples experiences : ) can feel quite alone if you do not have friends or family who have been through it. 

All the best for anyone 'trying' and fc for our bfp's!



  • Hiya Hun, not sure if you have found ure answers else where by now, but I will explain how my IUI went....

    day 1: called clinic and arranged scan for following day

    day 2: 1st scan, to check lining is thin enough. (If not, you will have to go back 2 days later for another scan, or you might still be given then injections and told to wait aex extra day before commencing.)

    day 3-5: depending on the lining at your first scan, you will begin the infections. From taking the injections you will have to be scanned every couple of days to make sure your not over stimming. 

    After about a week of injections, depending on how your follicles are growing, you will have to take the trigger shot... Then around 36 hours after this, you will be back at the clinic for the IUI. 

    I hope this has helped a bit, I might have waffled a bit. Feel free to ask more questions if need be image xx

  • P.s my clinic is around 45 mins away, i jus managed to get early appointments (usually before 9) i was in and out withi. 10/15 mins and was generally in work before 10. You also might be lucky and that some appointments might land on a weekend (if your off weekends) xx

  • Hi I think I remember you from ttc image so you have had iui's before? With clomid? We are going start to injectables full down regging too! Think the whole process is similar in time frame to natural cycle. Yeah really hope we can get in early sometimes I start at 10 and we are about to close late so may be good for me with appointments in the morning image. So when are you about to start? Xx

  • I've had IUI with meds... Due to start ivf July/August time. image

    how u feeling about it all? 

    ive not been in TTC for a very long time, I moved to LTTC pretty quickly after joining.. we've been trying for 6 years now! :O 


  • I didn't have to down reg... why are your having to down reg? 


  • All the best for your IVF their are some lovely ladies on the other thread about to go thru that : ) How are you feeling about IVF? at least you will be used to the drug side of things. Sorry you have been trying 6 years, 2 years is hard enough! 

    How do you cope with friends and family getting pg? I have only just experienced it with 2 friends and it was awful at first, a bit easier now, but hard to see their tummy's growing (then the guilt afterwards, cos of course I am over the moon for them).

    I am feeling excited but nervous about the first jab but at least we will be doing something, do you know your fertility issue? ours is morphology.

    We are having down reg as RE said that it quiets everything down and means she can control everything kinda a blank slate I guess. Burserelin then menopur then ovitrelle for hcg trigger shot. If we can go ahead with next cycle we will know either way but end of July- Crazy! xx

  • I'm really apprehensive about the ivf, don't thifc I felt the same with the IUI tbh. However I do feel slightly more positve with the ivf... Which can only be a good thing image 

    yeah I've been off the pill since 2007, so it's a long time. We waiting a good few years before going to the gp tho. I was only 20 when we started trying... So always kinda thought we had time on our side. 

    We AR unexplained, which is hard in a way, although we aren't blaming one another which is a bonus, as I think if we had a reason there might be some resentment... Especially after 6 years and numerous bust ups over it image 

    we haven't told any of our family or work.... One of my close friends is going through ivf at the moment, so I have confided in her. Which helps!!

    how do u both feel about IUI Hun? 


  • fertility treatment is hard already and for us it has barely begun! I just struggle with there still feeling like it is a taboo to talk about, and how people take having children for granted, even the odd comment by a stressed mum on fb gets me cross, silly I know as it is not going to be a bed of roses but I would give anything.

    Feeling ok about the actually IUI procedure I didnt find my hsg that bad and smears are fine, I guess I am nervous a bit about the side affects as I dont take pain killers even! but I keep saying to myself it is a hormone which I produce anyway and I took the pill for years which was messing with my body.

    I just hope we dont overstim as my RE wont carry on with more than 3. The thought of triples does scare me but I guess we will cross that bridge if it came to it. Have you got any idea on a date to start IVF? I guess at least you have done the meds before so that bit isnt new. 


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