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Transfer 28/06/13 Would love a buddy for 2WW

After a long drawn out 9 months of down regs, at last I have got to transfer stage and it should be happening tomorrow.  Tonight I will be praying that my embies defrost as they should and are strong enough stick around x


  • Hi georgie, good luck for tomorrow. I hope the defrost goes currently how many embryos are the defrosting If you don't mind me asking?

  • Not sure where the 'currently' came from... Stupid auto correct!!

  • Hiya,

    Unfortunately because I have unicornuate uterus and it is only half the size of normal they cannot risk multiple birth so they're just transferring one.  I am quite plrased in a way though because it saves me having to decide how many.  I know it csn be a really difficult decision.  Where are you up to?  X


  • I'm on day 11 of stims, I'm hopefully due to have egg collection on Wednesday. I was hoping it would be sooner but I've been quite a slow responder!

  • Aww I know exactly how that feels!! My body hasn't liked anything they've tried which is why I've been on down regs for 9 months every month.  We're here now though.  is this your first cycle?? I had fresh transfer last year so this one is frozen, other embie didn't survive the thaw so this is my last frozen image Good luck with everything, let me know how you get on x

  • hi georgie image i've just been reading through this thread, i hope everything has gone well image update us asap!! i'm on day 5 of down reg so a bit behind you, sending you lots of luck honey xxx

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