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IVF Cycle started

I am day 5 of my first ivf cycle and I am due to start my down regulation on 19th July by nasal spray.  I thought I would post a thread on here in case there are other ladies out there at a similar stage.  I am doing my best to remain positive and calm.


  • Good luck! X

  • Hi, want to wish you the best of luck. come join us on the summer 2013 thread, there is quite a few of us now and everyone is at different stages and everyone is a huge support x

  • hi there!! and andi lol fancy seeing you here!! 

    ''finding happiness'' i am down reg at the moment so your not far behind me image as andi said we are all on thread summer 2013 so pop on and join in!! FANTASTIC support on there!! x x x

  • Thanks ladies for your kind wishes and encouraging words.  I will definately join you on the Summer 2013 thread.  I have to tell my boss today about booking the time off work.  I work in a nearly all male sales office apart from a couple of ladies who work part time.  At the beginning of the cycle and starting to formalise the process with work I was hit by an big feeling of lonliness yesterday.  I feel better today and really encouraged by your replies. Thank you again. Speak soon xxx

  • Hello again, just wanted to say how much respect I have for women who have been or are going through ivf.  I have been reading the Summer 2013 thread although I have not felt it appropriate to join in yet.  It has been a real source of information, feminine wisdom and an eye opener as to what may or may not happen.   I am starting the sniffing tomorrow.  x


  • All the best feel free to jump in xx

  • Come and join in, whatever stage your at x

  • Good luck!  I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant post FET (frozen embryo transfer) stay positive!! image

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