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Day 13 dr and still no AF?? ur stories to ease my worry please!!

Hiya ladies!! 

i am currently on day 13 dr and still have not had AF .. it is driving me mad!! i'm talking to a lovely group of ladies on another thread that are giving me great support! But i'm just so scared that my treatment is going to be delayed! i am waiting to start stims for first IVF cycle so have nothing to compare.. wondered if any of you could tell me if u have been dr before and how long ur AF took to show her face! Just to see how late some of you have been and what happened if some of u never started and wenbt for scan.. what happened?... i really do keep going on and on lol but i'm just soo flaming bloated and uncomfortable with constant pressure... she doesnt seem to be making any appearance!!!!

thanks in advance! image

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