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Hycosy & IUI / Advise???

Hi, just want to ask if anyone has any advise please.  Been trying for a baby for a while and am going through the tests now and have a hycosy in a few months.  I have had this before but didnt get to the next level.  How long after you have one can you start treatment (if thats what they decide) and what happens next?  Last time they was going to do IUI but just want to know what happens next and time scales etc.....  Thanks xxx


  • Hi, not sure if im looking in wrong place because it says 1 msg but cant see anything???  Or is there no-one with any help or advice? x

  • Hi Karen I'm not familiar with a hycosy but I had a hsg and iui. Both were uncomfortable but not awful. Once they knew my tubes were ok it wasn't long before I had the iui. Consent form signing and meds lesson then we began. It was 2 weeks of injections and then 2 ww. Hope that helps xx

  • Thanks a lot.  Only just seen this post.  Did you take your partner in with you? x


  • How did the IUI go? x

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