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feel low :(

Hi, i am having ivf treatment and have just had my egg collection, i am 23 so was expecting a nice number of follicles and eggs at the end of injections! I had egg collection yesterday and they managed to get 10 eggs .. that was the only information they gave me. So i was very pleased with that outcome, only to have a phone call today to tell me that only 6 of the eggs were mature and they were only expecting 6 to fertilise and 5 of those 6 have in fact fertlilised! it's quite a drop from the 10 eggs i was expecting to have a chance.. and it is only day 1 .. they told me that 40% of the eggs are likely to make it to day 5.. so i am looking at 2-3 eggs! i feel very low and cant stop crying! i know that some of you may think that this is fine and that maybe i'm getting too negative but i was hoping to have frozen eggs to work with if this tranfer does not work. Now its like i know this is my ONLY shot and just makes the whole thing more difficult! 

I just felt like i needed to rant and get this all down on here.. sort of like a release!! I just dont know how im feeling right now!


  • Kimberley, sorry you are feeling down, it is such an emotional roller-coaster. When are they wanting to do egg transfer? They wouldn't do blastocyst for me as I had 7 then they slowed dafter on day 2 there was only 3 so no way the would risk leaving any longer. Do you feel it's your only shot if there's not enough to freeze?

    i know there is nothing that can be said to make you feel more at ease, I noticed on another thread your having a lot of pain. I found day after was a lot worse (wasn't standing straight) take regular paracetamol if it doesn't ease off a bit call your clinic. Just remember to rest. I kepkeg wetting frustrated at doing nothing, then the moment I pushed myself I had a lot more pain then started to bleed.... So put your feet up.

    i really do have my fingers crossed for you getting your bfp xx

  • hi andi, its nice to hear from you. That is exactly how i feel, i felt i was dealing with it well because i assumed i'd have plenty of eggs frozen to try again but now its looking like this may be my only shot, which makes the pressure a whole lot worse! they are looking to do egg transfer on saturday so another 4 days to wait... they will ring me on thursday to let me know hw they are doing.. i feel like when the call pops up on my phone they will tell me its game over and they have failed.. i didn't think about how hard it would be between ec and et.. its just one emotional step to another!! it really is a nightmare.. !! i felt quite ok so i went for a long walk and decided to post a heavy bag of avon books around... what an idiot!! i was in friggin agony and thought i was going to collapse!! i will rest 2moro.. its not worth it! i am taking regular pain killers and the pain and bleeding seems to be easing off! thanks for the support, and hope you are ok xx

  • I had one folical that could have been collected from you should be happy with 6 would have been over the moon with that 

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