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Hi Ladies, I dont no if any of you remember me i was on clomid concieved on cycle 2 but mc nov last year..... did another 3 cycles of cllomid after that with no joy image Have now started iui..... Have been injecting myself everyday had hospital on monday which was day 9 and they told me to keep injecting as my eggs were too small and to come back friday for another scan. My lining also was very thin. ( have been taking baby asprin since monday to thicken it) Im really hoping just one cycle of this works as me and hubbie have been through enough now and its really getting me down image Just hoping that on friday they tell me my eggs are at the right size and they can do the procedure with my husbands sperm next week...... then the 2ww! which i hate! Has anyone got any sucess stories for me? i need all the positive stories i can get at the moment xx


  • Hi chick I remember xx wishing u all the best one lady on here has just got her bfp first cycle iui I think, if you scroll thru the posts you will find it xx

  • Hiya... Thanks ill take a look xx
  • Wishing you all the luck in the world xx

  • Hey!

    Just wanted to say I know how you feel! We have just got our BFP after 2 years of trying after IUI FIRST TIME with injections! if you want to pm me, I will answer any questions, all the best Jo xxx

  • we know you and we wish you all the best we will keep praying for you and your husby we know its a difficult time to you but dont loose hope

  • Thanks ladies!.... And Jo thanks very much! wow first time im really hoping ill have the luck of it working 1st time. Im starting to get bruises now at the top of my legs from all the injections image not nice..... Have hospital tomorrow so hoping its good news and my lining has become thicker and eggs are ready to go! everything is crossed fingers, toes...... Ill keep you all updated.... and again ladies thanks for all your support! xxxx
  • Hi Joey139.... for some reason it wont let me message you.

    But if you dont mind could you just run over what happened in your iui cycle. Thanks so much xx
  • Hi Joey, still won't let me private message you for some reason.... Hope you get this message.

    Went to the hospital this morning... Folicles had grown 2 big ones on left side and small ones on right, have been told my lining is still think at 4.8 , nurse said to keep taking my aspirin to thicken, iui is set for Monday at 3.00 pm have to give my self the trigger 11pm tomorrow night. I did ask the nurse what the success rate was and she said it's mostly the second cycle that works... Trying to stay positive and really hoping will be lucky on this first go.. It would be amazing! It's just my lining image I'm hoping it might get bait thicker by Monday. Xx
  • Good luck babe x

  • Hey how you feeling about tomorrow hun? Trigger shot go ok? Wishing you all the best for the procedure tomorrow. What time you going into hospital? Xx

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