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Hello everyone image Today is thursday and i got 5 day embryo transfer 2 days ago. I have lower back pain like i will have my period and i am sooooo sleepy ! I will have my beta next thursday but all i think about is " am i pregnant? " did anyone had any early symtoms with 5 days embryo transfer? thank you all!


  • Hi, i'm sorry i cant really give you much info about your question but i thought i'd comment because i had a 5 day transfer on saturdayso i am 2 days behind you. I am not due to test until the 16th but i have been having lower abdo pain all day.. i am hoping it is implantation.. do you know when this should occur?? i hope things are going well for... it is a nightmare this 2ww.. i cant stop symptom spotting.. time is going so slow!!! xx

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