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Hi image I am currently 5dp5dt and would like some ladies to join me who are at same or similar stage, to share possible symptoms, implantation bleeds/pains and simply support eachother through this horrific 2ww!!! i wasn't prepared for how hard this part of it was going to be... i have already poas yesterday and today-- both BFN obviously as it's far too early!!.. i am becoming a typcial poas-aholic and i need somebody to slap me!!! My partner knows about yesterday but made me promise not to do anymore hpt until we do it together next week but i couldn't help myself.. i can't tell him,... this is between me and the sticks!! i know it's early but it's never nice hearing the word 'negative' so i don't want to put him through it for no good reason.. and simply because i have no self control!! I hope there are some of you out there to help me!! fc for our BFP'S!!! x x x x 

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