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Ok so this is my first IVF and my first forum post. I had my EC on 27th July 2013 and got 10 eggs. Only 1 fertilised so they transferred it on day 2 (29th). I was still very sore and a bit sick post surgery when they transferred my little 2 day. I hadn't healed by the time they transferred so I still needed help walking around and dressing myself etc as the surgery really knocked me around plus mild OHSS. Ever since I found out that only 1 fertilised, I have felt very negative and feel as though it will be very unsuccessful. I can't see how the only little 2 day embryo could survive after such bad luck with the fertilisation. I'm really trying to be positive but in the back of my mind, I am going crazy. I have had cramping since a day or two after the transfer which I thought might be from the wounds healing still or from the transfer. My RE never told me not to have sex but I have read everywhere that you're not meant to until you hear a heartbeat etc. Anyway, lastnight we couldn't help ourselves and had fairly "gentle" sex (in which I orgasmed) and now I haven't had the cramping since. I am concerned that I have killed it (if it was there). Also, I have been under stress from other situations on top of the stress from IVF and I have had a few very stressful and emotional arguments that I thought might affect the embryo (if it exists still). Can someone please shed some light on whether these things could hurt the embryo. The only support I have is my partner and he is sick of hearing about it (only because I talk about it constantly). Poor him! I don't know if I can go through this again. The waiting and not knowing is stressful enough. Thank you! 


  • Hi Tinee, I am also in my 2ww of my 1st ivf cycle, and it truly is a nightmare! I was not prepared for how hard this part of it was going to be. I had ec on the 28th July and they got 10 eggs, only 2 fertilised and they transfered 1 on day 5, (3rd August). I was expecting them to get a lot more to ease the pressure of this time working knowing i have back up, so i know how dissapointing it is. But you only need 1, and all we can do now is stay positive and try and do things by the book to help our little embies stick nicely! The clinic should have definitely tiole you about no orgasms, my clinic stressed that point so try not to do it again until you get it cleared. There's nothing you can about it now so just try and stay focused and stress free, (i know it easier said than done). When are you due to take a test? i started testing 4dp which was wednesday, i really couldn't help myself! i got  a BFN wednesday obviously because it was far too early but at least i know the trigger is out of my system. Testerday and today i have very faint second lines so i'm trying not to get too ahead of myself because it is still VERY early days but i hope i get my BFP!! fc for the both of us xxx

  • Hi Kimberley,

    Thanks for replying. Mine was a day 2 so I suppose thats why I am feeling I will get a BFN (amongst other reasons). I have done 3 tests at home and all negative. Today was the last one. I have my blood test on Wed 14th August so not long to wait but I think I already know the answer. Considering you had your ec on 28th (one day after me) and you are getting a slight positive, that makes me feel like mine is a definate BFN. I am prepared for that though. I am not looking forward to the phone call on Wednesday to say it's negative. I am so sick of crying and stressing. I want to feel numb and emotionless image. Anyway, I wish I hadn't of got carried away last nightimage. So far, I regret everything I have done in this cycle. It is nice to know that I am not alone though image. Goodluck and I hope you get a BFP. Keep in touch xxx

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