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Hi everyone not been on here since Christmas as have been a busy busy buI vim on my second round of IVF as my first 1 got cancelled due to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and I'm current waiting on a call from our clinic to give us a date on when there putting my egg back (as 3 out of 7 fertilises yaaay image ) either tomorrow or Saturday!!! BUT I'm on these cyclogest pessaries and I've read the leaflet and googled it and I still can't make sense on why we have to take them after egg retrieval now if I'm right there to keep your hormone levels high so that when the egg does go back you have more of a chance of it developing into a pregnancy as the hormonal level reduces nearer your period hence why you have to take them but I just want to make sure I'm right as I don't have anyone to talk to really about this 

aaaarrrrr please help me make sense of this drug???? 


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