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Egg collection sedation or anestetic ?

so I had a monitoring scan today and while I was there I had to fill in a form about reactions to meds etc..

I want to know how everyone got along with egg collection? did you have a bad time of it? was it worse or better then you expected and what sort of sedation did you have?


thanks in advance



  • So excited for you, not long now to wait.

    My EC was under sedation, they told me I would feel drowsy. But all I remember was the aneasthetist describing what they were about to do then the next thing I remembered was the nurse saying well done!!

    I know everyone reacts differently to EC, I was tired for a couple of days and tender (standing straight felt like an effort!!)

    I have my fingers crossed for you xx
  • Thanks andi I was leaning towards sedation as I respond well to it and don't like the feeling when your coming round after general? Going to ask tomorrow and see what they say x
  • I had a pretty rough time through most of mine, but they put it down to OHSS after taking 30 eggs! But i would definately go for sedation again, you just go to sleep and when you wake up half an hour later its all done... i wasnt in too much pain... standing and walking was a little tender and felt very sick but again this was down to OHSS.

    You must be so excited... i know i am for you... cant wait to hear how you get on with it all image

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