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My doctor referred us for tests two years ago but although ICSI required was told too young. Now I have been told lower age limit removed due to change in age discrimination law. I am waiting for appointment at hospital again to sign CCG referral form.

My question is, how much is the treatment on NHS re medication, is each injection a perscription?



  • I thinks it's about ??7.80 per medication. We were prescribed three different injections, the pill and a cream so that was 5 times ??7.80 even though we got like five boxes of each injection etc.

    There is a one off payment you can make which covers you for a year but I can't remember how much that is. Also, your hospital might offer the medication for free is you sign up to their postal delivery service (we weren't able to do this though as we were in the middle of moving)

    Hope that helps. Bob x
  • Thank you. I wasn't sure if we paid the NHS price or if the medication would be the private cost (and only op covered by funding)

    I noted on NHS site you can prepay for a nhs certificate to cover all NHS prescription in 3 months which may work out best value if under seperate prescriptions

    Exciting times ahead.
  • As far as i am aware, no payment is due.. it is all done under the forms and the NHS pick up the cost.... I havent been charged for any of my nasal sprays/injections/tablets etc..... i have been given it all at the clinic and i have not had to pay so far. I am just about to start my second set of treatment.

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