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Anyone had fluid on the uterus before egg transfer?

Hi girls. Just had my egg collection and they ended up having to do ISCI. Waiting to hear how many fertilised. Thing is they said I've got some fluid/water in my uterus so they might not be able to transfer the eggs and have to freeze them until after af. They are scanning me Monday to see if it's still there. Just wondered if anyone has had this and if so what was the outcome? 

Thanks x


  • Hi Levi pink.

    I'm new to the forum but been reading for a while.

    I had a frozen cycle back in febuary and at the scan a few days before transfer they found some fluid, it was not mentioned that I couldn't have the transfer done but they said it may be hydrosalpinx which obviously scared me.

    However at the next scan the fluid has dispersed so they assumed it was nothing and we were okay to go ahead with the transfer. ( sadly it didn't work though)

    I hope the liquid has gone for you on your next scan. Good luck.

  • Hi Mrsvg

    thank you for your sharing your experience with me. Luckily on on Monday I had a new scan done and the fluid had gone away so they continued with the transfer x

  • Sorry I never checked the date of your first post.

    Glad it had gone and the transfer went ahead. Fingers crossed for your 2ww.

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