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hoping for some support.

Hi Ladies,

I don’t usually post but have been feeling a bit low and think DH (and friends) may be sick of hearing from me!  I started TTC 2 years ago and fell pregnant within 5 months.  Although I was over the moon as I had wanted a baby for some time – I didn’t truly appreciate how lucky I was.  At the 12 week scan it was identified that our baby had severe problems and to cut a long story short, we lost our baby girl at 15 weeks.  Two months later I got a positive at 10dpo but AF came on 5 days later so I figured it was a chemical.  8 months later – same thing. 

With time marching on and all of my best friends falling pregnant (two best friends got pregnant 1st month of trying which was an emotional rollercoaster for me and they really have no idea the pain I’m going through …) anyway!  We had a supportive GP who referred me for investigation.  Our consultant said that my second two chemicals ‘didn’t count’ and actually told me off for testing too early!  He tested me for infertility rather than seriel miscarriage as it had been about 12 months since we lost our baby.  He did an internal scan and identified that I have multicystic ovaries.  Its different to PCOS and I can’t find much out about this online.  DH’s sperm came back normal although one measure was boarderline.

So the upshot of all this is my first round of clomid starts with my next cycle (AF due Xmas day!!).  I’m feeling positive that I’ve got some hope, but I’m trying not to pin too much onto it.  It’s just so hard though as everyday feels like a struggle.  DH & I lead quite busy lives with work and social things, but the pain is always there.  I’m 33 soon and I guess I definitely didn’t realise it would take this long (2 yrs ttc) especially when it seems like everyone elses lives are great and finds ttc so easy.  (DH tells me off for these negative thoughts!)  but I just wanted so share with some ladies who might understand …


PS sorry if this is the wrong place to post I wasn't sure where to go ...


  • Hiya. Sorry for your loss. But i hope for the best outcome for you starting clomid. All women are diffrent on clomid some full pregnant straight away first month some full pregnant with more than one. You can get some horrid side affects witj clomid but i was quite lucky i had abit of dizziness for the first day or two then nothing after that. It is very hard and a stroggle at times. Ive been on clomid 6months now with no success but fingers crossed it will happen before i have to go back to fertility spec in febuary. If you every need to talk im hear. Wishing you all the best off luck. Lea xx
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