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my twins have arrived!!

hi everyone well they are finally here, William and Oliver born last Tuesday by section. . Im so in love. . i was 36 weeks when waters broke. they are doing amazing, no special care needed. . i come out hospital tomorrow. . i keep looking at them in amazement, dreams do come true x x


  • Fantastic news booey. Congratulations! It must be so amazing after waiting for so long for your dream babies.
  • Omg congrates babe! glad all went well and your boys are doing fine xxxx

    Dreams do come true indeed that is some thing iv learnt from you ladies on here xxx

  • Absolutely massive congratulations booey. So pleased they have arrived safely... what an amazing journey for you. looking forward to maybe seeing some pics image

    Welcome to the world William and Oliver. xxxxxxxx

  • Ahhh congratulations!!

    Im so jealous of everyone having their babies lol just over 3 weeks for me image xxx
  • Wow! Big congrats lovie! Really happy for u and ur new little family. Xxx
  • Congratulations image So pleased for you, was reading the thread about yr journey to get them. Well done you image xx
  • Massive congratulations!! I've read lots of your long journey to getting here including when you left the site before deciding to go abroad! Have a wonderful time with your extra special family x
  • Congrats hun! X

  • thanks everyone!

    i still can't believe it when i look at them! worth everything!

    never loose hope, keep going. i got two babies, someone was looking down on US. Im now officially a MUMMY! x x
  • Congratulations booey , so pleased for you , enjoy every moment with them , hope the labour was smooth , bet you can't wait to get them home x x 

  • Congratulations so happy for you x

  • Congrats boooey. Wonderful news x

  • Fabulous news booey - I am very very happy for you! You deserve every bit of this image Please post a picture of the little munchkins when you have a moment, it would be lovely to see them image xxx

  • oh only just saw this!!! Boooey congratulations !!! how amazing, so happy for you it all went so well. Gorgeous names, can't wait to see pictures of them xxxx

  • Congratulations !! Xx
  • Oh booey! Yippee!

    Huge congratulations!!!!

    I'm so happy for you. I remember you from about 3years ago so it's amazing to see your happy ending.

    Beautiful names ( i really want to use Oliver if it's a boy!) and can't wait to see a photo.

    All the best my lovely. Look after yourself xxx
  • thank you everyone!

    work tuliprose i remember you too, long time ago hard to believe i been trying all that time but i got paid by having 2! imageimage

    if i can figure how to do pics i Will.

    good luck to everyone else! Im living proof to keep going x x
  • oh booey WOW!!!! congratulations hunni ho absolutely wonderful to see this!!! ahhh I'm all emotional lol so glad you finally got your beautiful long awaited babies. all the best for you all for the future as a family xxxxx

  • Huge congratulations lovely! So pleased you for your 2 boys at long last image

    Take care, and enjoy being a mummy!!


  • thanks all! as you can imagine am very busy now lol

    worth it though. very happy x x
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