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First ivf any advice?

Hi all, me and hubby are going through ivf for the first time. We lost our baby boy in January of 2013 due to a chromosomal abnormality and have been ttc ever since. 

Does anyone one gave any advice for us? We start the down regulation injections next week. 

thanks image baby dust to everyone

nicola & RichardRichard


  • Hi the forums a bit quiet at the moment. A lot have moved to the thread, success stories.

    I did my first IVF nearly 2 year ago, we were lucky and it worked first time, my  daughters currently tucked up in bed asleep as we speak. 

    My advice would be to try and relax through the IVF, eat healthy, drink lots of water - that will help when it comes to injection stage. 

    If you have any questions just ask away.

  • Sorry I forgot to say I'm sorry to hear you lost ur little boy. X

  • Thanks shaz247 it's really great to hear yours worked first time!  I hope ours does too. I'm trying to curl the sugar as I'm a bit of a sugar junkie and never really drank much water but that's getting better slowly. 

    are the side effects to the injections etc bad? Xx

  • I use to be the same with sugar and barely drank water, naughty I know. But now I only really drink water. I did a mild form of IVF so didn't have to down reg, I just had to take the pill to line my cycle up with the clinics calendar.  

    Do you know what injections you will have? I had gonal f, cetrotide, didn't seem to get many side effects, bit of bloating, bit of soreness from all the injections etc

  • Hiya, I'm not sure what the injections are, my medicines are being delivered on Friday so I will be able to have a look through then. I'm used to boating thanks to IBS so that's nothing I can't deal with. 


  • Hi rainbow, there are loads of stories on the new year thread that followed us all through our Ivf journeys that you may find informative and hopefully comforting. 

    We are still writing on the new year thread but shaz is right that lots of us have move over to success stories, this is only because a couple of the ladies weren't as lucky on the last cycle and we didn't want to go on about having babies on the way so all "baby " talk was moved to the success thread and we visit the new year thread to keep up with everyone else.

    I found the injections were easy but I hated the progesterone gel  both cycles ! 

    I had a failed first attempt which can be quite common as they are almost guessing with meds and stuff however as shaz had proved it is possibleimage 

    My second cycle finished in march and I'm pleased to say I am currently 18 weeks !!! 

    Ivf is making my dream of being a mummy come true and I hope you are just as lucky. 

    Lastly Im very sorry to hear about your little boy I have no idea of the pain that must have caused you both and although nothing will replace him I hope you are lucky enough to not have to wait to long for  your dreams to come true xx 

  • I'm so sorry to hear of your loss but please take confidence in the knowledge that IVF works and even now, with my 11 month old son, I marvel at the brilliance of the science that can help us create children. The injections aren't hard at all - or painful. Just inject really REALLY slowly and you don't actually feel it. Even if you do, it's not painful, it's like a tiny scratch. They give you the choice of injecting into your stomach or leg but it just felt right doing it in the tummy. 

    When they put the embryo inside it's amazing because it doesn't hurt (like a smear) and you can see this little, white light up on the screen, which is your future baby, be placed inside. 

    And when you do give birth, you will love your child that bit more because you had to fight so darn hard to get him or her. It feels like it will never happen. But it will - mark my words! 

    Best of luck! I will hopefully start my next round in Jan/Feb and am really nervous too but need to just be confident because my beautiful baby boy is proof image

  • Thank you both so much for your positive words image I feel a little less scared now. Just going to hope and pray it works, I don't want to get my hopes up too much as it took me a long time to recover after we lost baby Matthew. I'm on the long protocol and a worrier by nature so just going to take it day by day. 

    What did you do work wise during treatment? Did u take time off?? My work is very stressful even though my boss knows about it she still relies on me heavily day to day. 


    nic x

  • I run a transport department and my boss left so I'm currently doing two jobs x 

    I am put under pressure every day so I felt the need to be honest and explain to my manager at the time what was happenin. However I have a wonderful team working for me so it depends how you get on with everyone x 

  • Hi MrsSRainbowBby, I'm new to the site and just about to start IVF as well (6 Sep). TTC for 3 years, I'm 38 and my husband is 39, we just got married in May. I've got one blocked tube and just found out my AMH is low as well. I'm scared and anxious mostly--I'm a real worrier! I've been trying to prepare with good diet, exercise and went for acupuncture this week. Also taking pre-natal vitamin and raspberry leaf tea. I've been tearful since I found out about my AMH so I've been looking at ways to calm down like meditation etc. I wish I could be calmer and more positive as I'm sure stress isn't beneficial. I'm not taking time off work other than for appointments etc, but my manager is really understanding and supportive. I also feel like I should know and understand much more compared to everyone on here, I feel a little like I've been sticking my head in the sand in total denial for the last few months! 

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