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Who is on there first ivf cycle? How are you feeling?

Feel free to tell us how you are feeling inside and out image hear to help and advise xx


  • I'm due to start first ivf session in 21 days (down regulation) so many questions! 

  • Hi I'm trying Ivf for the 1st time we are using icsi & caremaps & using the glue...we are paying  privately for treatment with care Nottingham....we started our treatment on day 21....8 days ago injections every night....

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  • hiya I just had my first cycle of ICSI, and it worked !! I had no side affects when taking pill, then injections, then  pessaries it just made me feel  exhausted all the time after work I would just sit and sleep!! 

    The 2 week wait wasn't hard till the night before I just slept all the time,

    on the day we got 2 positives and we was so happy it was everything we been waiting for, my husband and I was over joyed but sadly with in 3 weeks 4 days we lost the baby even though it was very early. we both had been through so much and we felt like tourtuer???????? but we both just  just got too keep positive it worked just for us it didn't last, but stay positive through out your treatment but give your self the 10%ready incase not but even though you may feel likes hat it dose not in anyway prepare for any heart brake just  dosent make i so raw,

    but good licky and i wish u all the best!!

  • Lol I meant good luck !!

  • Sorry to here that...are you going to try again....I'm waiting for my 1st period so I can have a scan I have never wanted a period so badly lol 

  • Aww bless you it makes you feel like that ????  how are u feeling about it all, because it can be tough, I was ok just tired mentally and physically , but when your wait you just want the result, and although it's so hard to relax and get thoughts out your head try too because when it happens you will be so happy and so overjoyed it's the best feeling in the world! ???? I also stayed off sights like this till I lost the this because so meany people have different ways, and view, the only 4 that matter is yours your husband doctor (at your clinic)and midwife when that comes hehe, 

    i came on hear after I lost the baby to see for advice, but no reply lol 

    we are going to try again wear hopefully going to fall before we go back in October but we doubt this will happen as I'm very irregular and although he has good quility but his swimmers  have trouble swimming, but we don't no with my hormones being so high now we hope it may happen but could be wish for thinking xxx

  • Bless ya if it happened once it will happen again im sure.... My emotions are all over the place I'm so tiered too....I'm stressed about everything and trying to stay positive at the same time....we are getting my end of September &  we are also buying & selling a hous.....everything is happening at the same time.....I couldn't believe it when I got the call from the clinic 

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