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Changing jobs during first IVF - Help advice needed :-/

Has anyone changed their job right before starting IVF or during the first cycle? I can't stand where I am at the moment and have a manager who does nothing all day but ask me for the answers to every query she gets as well as expecting me to train a new member of staff while also still completing tasks that are in my normal job role!!! If I tell her I don't know she just keeps asking!! The stress isn't helping me at all, she knows I'm starting ivf next week (luckily I am on annual leave that week and off to wales for a bit) but the last time I told her my prolactin levels came back too high due to stress she made me feel guilty by saying ,we'll now I'm thinking that all this training people is going to be too much for you'. I want to leave but will a new employer ditch me as soon as I mention the IVF? 

please message me I really need some advice. 


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