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I would like to advise everyone who has had or is thinking of considering IVF treatment to check their holiday insurance following the trouble my wife and I have had as a result of the actions of DirectLineGroup acting on behalf of Nationwide.

My wife had undergone IVF treatment and had embryos implanted 08/01/14 then booked a holiday abroad 11/01/14 after checking that on the small chance the IVF was successful that we were still able to fly comfortably within the safe guideline dates for both the airline and the holiday company.

Our holiday insurance was free due to out bank account with Nationwide and after we were given the fantastic news that my wife was pregnant I called Nationwide to check that I did not have to pay for further cover due to our new circumstances. I was advised that pregnancy was not a pre-existing condition so no further payment was required.

All went well with the pregnancy and we were both looking forward to a well-earned break until we attended hospital 21/05/14 at which stage my wife was rushed to A&E from our routine appointment with the consultant after she had described symptoms that he suspected could be Deep Vein Thrombosis or even worse a Pulmonary Embolism. The consultant advised us at that stage that flying would not be advisable.

We returned to hospital for scans 22/05/14 and after only scanning her leg were advised that they were not able to find any DVT.

We had called the travel agent 21/05/14 but as we were at the hospital all day for the 21st and 22nd we could not physically confirm the cancellation of our holiday until 23/05/14.

My wife had been confirmed as expecting twins and after all that had happened we took the advice of the specialist had given.

We then submitted a claim for the cost of the holiday, Thomson, the holiday company we had booked with paid up immediately but when we then had to submit a claim for the balance of the holiday through Nationwide the real horror began.

We received a letter from UK Insurance, part of the DirectLineGroup stating they had declined our claim

Giving the reason as ‘An Anticipated Event’.

I contacted UK Insurance to find out their reasoning only to be disgusted when a member of staff stated that because my wife had IVF treatment she had a ‘high percentage chance’ of becoming pregnant. I immediately challenged and explained that my wife and I, and I am sure most people, who have undergone IVF treatment found that opinion most offensive and I asked her to give me a percentage figure for what was considered a ‘high percentage chance’.

I have since attempted to clarify the matter with DirectLineGroup only for them to again declare their intentions not to reconsider their decision.

I have now booked to see my MP as I do aim to take the matter further, not purely to try and recover the money lost but in order to stop anyone else who has had IVF treatment from ever going through the upset that Nationwide, UK Insurance and DirectLineGroup has caused at a time when we really could have done without it.  

My message is for anyone has had or is considering IVF treatment who has their travel insurance with Nationwide or any of the other companies who are underwritten by DirectLineGroup, I urge everyone to boycott their products in the event that you should have to go through the same horrendous experience as we have.

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