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IVF#2.... successful?

Me & my husband have been TTC for 8 years now after having a miscarriage at around 7 weeks gestation for reasons unknown. We tried EVERYTHING to get pregnant. Finally started seeing our dr for it, did a whole year of clomid and ovulated on two of those cycles but still no BFP. Got a referral right after that and started seeing a fertility specialist this January and found out i had polyps in my uterus and ended up having surgery to remove them and started ivf the next month. After everything we had only two good quality embryos to transfer. We did end up pregnantimage Everything was fine but at 5 weeks 6 days i started bleeding and went to e.r. they did a scan and we could see the gestational sac, the fetal pole, the baby, and see the heartbeat at 99 beats per minute! It was very surprising to see anything at all because i felt that i had just miscarried completely after having a ton of blood loss and very large golf ball sized clots. We found out it was a SCH and four days later went to fertility specialist and found out the baby had passed and i had miscarried again :'(. That was just a few months ago and we did IVF again as soon as the dr said i was able to. This time we had two great, close to perfect, five day embryos to transfer and were able to freeze three for later image i did a couple HPTs a few days before the blood test and all were so light i could not even tell if it was really a line or not. Finally got the beta HCG on 10dp5dt and my HCG was only 12 so it was in between negative & positive. Repeated the test three day later & it was 30.5, repeated two days later (this past Wednesday) & it was at 48.2 Dr said it was rising but very slowly and could be chemical pregnancy and that we will give it five days and see if the level rises or falls, unless i have any cramping or bleeding. Well yesterday i had a lot of cramping and brown gooey discharge and was really scared. We ended up just goin to the e.r. they did an ultrasound but saw NOTHING and did HCG and surprisingly it had basically tripled within two days to 140! So today i am resting a lot and gettin plenty of fluids and am feeling a lot better and not having very much discharge and hardly no cramping. So i will go in two days (monday) for my repeated beta HCG and we will hopefully get good news! They said it was possibly still too early to see anything on the scan and fertility dr said possibly embryos implanted late which is why hcg was lower but with last pregnancy they were only 54.5 at 10dp5dt and then two days later they were around 167 and when i started bleeding hcg was 4,500 and then when we went back for follow up ultrasound they were already down to 200. So maybe i am just one of those people that have low hcg levels anyway. Either way if my story helps anyone out there then thats great and if anyone else has similar stories you would like to share that would be great too! Anything that would give me any hope at this point would be wonderful! image


  • Level has dropped, bio chemical pregnancy & miscarriage againg, we will try FET in a couple of months.

  • Sorry to hear that maybeamommy... If it helps at all I can tell you that my sister had 2 failed ivf attempts but then her third was successful & she now has agorgeous little boy. Keep strong & know it will all be worth it in the end x

  • Thank you so much that makes me feel a lot better and a lot more hopeful also image

  • I've just made the first try of ivf,  hope it worked and we'll finally have our long-waited baby... Sorry to hear about your results, but you should believe it's going to happen someday and keep trying!

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