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Should we have more?


DH and I are struggling with the option of having a third. We were lucky enough to conceive two boys (4years and 19months) through many Ivf attempts. We discuss a third all the time but we keep swaying. Main con is that we want to have plenty of time for both our boys and worry about either one being shoved to the side if we add to our family. 

How do we make our mind up? I worry that we are going to go round in circles forever until it's too late! Any tips or advice?


  • hiya! 

    Id say follow your heart if it workes go for it if it doesn't then not only have you already got 2 boys but it wasn't meant to be, I know that sounds strange, but also if it dose make it fun with the boys with games like who can put the Cotten buds on your belly being careful as you would already know but I think longs as they feel involved they will be fine and if it works let them go to scans little things if your worried, you won't know till you both try, xxxx

  • Thanks Laurau91 for your advice. We have decided to go ahead with starting up the process again. We will do one retrieval and if any of those embryos work fantastic and if not it wasn't meant to be. We will give it one more chance. Also it may be one clearer once we do the therapy sessions too. 

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