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Referred to fertility clinic, unsure what to expect

We have got an initial appt with fertility in april following 3 miscarriages and recent diagnosis of pcos. Been ttc for over a year. All bloods and ultrasound have been completed showing a very thin womb lining. I just wonder if anyone knows what the next step is likely to be?

Excited to be finally moving forward but scared of the unknown. 


  • hey! 

    I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS around 3 months ago. I had my first appointment at the fertility clinic last week and they were SO helpful! talked my through the different options and said which would be best for me! today I started my first day of provera/Clomid treatment.  

    hope you get the result your after and best if luck! xx

  • Hi

    We did, in the end I never had fertility. Got caught a week before appt. Now 31 weeks and looking forward to meeting our little girl. 

    Wishing you all the hope going forward. Xx

  • aww congratulations! that's amazing news. 

    good luck :) xx

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